Winter swimmers celebrate summer

THE winter swimmers or Narooma celebrated the first day of summer by camping out on the banks of the Tuross River on the weekend.

While amazingly the Numnutz can’t remember it ever having rained on any of the swims ever, on Sunday, the second day of summer, it poured down rain as the swimmers took the Tuross River for their swim.

Swimmer Greg Willis and his family were the most excellent hosts for the weekend that is sure to become an annual tradition for the swimming club members and supporters.

One of many great traditions for the club whose members each year travel to the Winter Swimming Association of Australia championships – this year in Perth, next year in Botany Bay.

Catering for the summer camp was Brent Lockton with a little help from others conjuring up a spit roast of pork and a camp oven of beef and an aboveground hangi of veggies… Scotty Cavanagh, freshly waxed from Movember, brought along the gravy.

One of the many highlights was the presentation of a wheelchair to record-keeper and drinks man Ray Hirst, which came complete with team and sponsorship stickers, a flag and lots of other interesting attachments.

Ray repayed the favour by leading the crew in musical show tunes while new swimmer Trevor Bennett told an amazing joke that can’t even begin to be explained here.

The swimmers wrapped up with a swim before 9am on Sunday taking to the crystal clear and fast flowing but warm waters of the Tuross.

It was the first freshwater swim since being tricked into waiting for the mythical “5 O’clock Wave” on the Murrumbidgee River beach at Wagga Wagga.

After swimming in the rain, the swimmers and supporters fortified themselves with a full-on breakfast and warm drinks.

The soggy conditions also made for an interesting exit up the paddock hill for some with two-wheel-drive only.

The Numnutz, save for some impromptu dip or activity, will next swim on Mother’s Day 2014 at the start of the next season – all are welcome…

Until then, the Numnutz wish everyone a safe and fun summer!

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