Eurobodalla by Bicycle

EUROBODALLA has an active Bicycle Users Group [BUG] that has sussed out some of the best rides in the district. These rides generally avoid major roads, concentrating mostly on unsealed roads through the magnificent forests and lesser-known tracks to features reserved for those who want to find the heart of our region. These rides are best suited to mountain bikes.

One of the lesser known rides starts at the Fire Station on Princes Highway in Bodalla. It takes Eurobodalla Road to Reedy Creek Road turnoff, and then follows Reedy Creek upstream to Morts Folly Road.  Reedy Creek road is among Australia’s grand old colonial roads. Constructed at a time when roads were made with horse and cart, pick and shovel, muscle and blood this picturesque track was hewn from steep, colourful stone walls beside the creek. Wallabies and lyrebirds occasionally reveal themselves. The route can be checked on

Returning along Reedy Creek Road provides an opportunity to imagine when this was part of the main route down the south coast. It would have been traversed mainly by foot, horse or bullock team. In the 1890’s to 1920’s bicycle transport was also popular. Men were called ‘wheelmen’ [probably to distinguish them from horsemen] and female cyclists were referred to as ‘cyclistes’.

Unfortunately our pioneering cyclists did not have the great Bodalla Bakery, the Dairy Shed, the Blue Earth Cafe or the renovated pub to look forward to. But after a 52 kilometre, moderately strenuous ride a little indulgence is thoroughly deserved.

Details of this ride and many more in the Shire can be found on the Eurobodalla Tourism website

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