Sharks sighted at Narooma, Bermagui

A PAIR of Narooma locals saw a shark around 5 foot in length at the Narooma bridge on Thursday while people were swimming and concerned for their safety, they notified the surf life saving club.

Stephen Bunney also posted on Facebook that he’d been seeing a 2-meter-plus whaler off Dalmeny daily for the last fortnight.

One of the sweeps in the George Bass Surfboat Marathon reported seeing a shark on the Narooma to Bermagui leg also on Thursday.

There have also been shark sightings down in the Pambula and Eden areas over the past week.


Interesting online comments posted on this little Narooma shark story. Anonymous says: "A relative of mine said he had a 7+ft Tiger or Bull do a circle around him off Bar Beach on the 29/12/13 whilst surfing." While Max Gross posts: "They saw a shark? So what? I saw a kookaburra."

Narooma resident Clive Broman wrote in a letter to the editor this week:

"You would think we would be presenting these facilities to our visitors in the very best way we could, as a means to continue to attract visitors and encourage others to return.

So instead we have the net at the Bar Beach over grown and weighed down with marine growth to the extent it is nearly collapsing.

The solution, I assume by council, is to get a few plastic bottles and jerry rig a fix.

Would it not be possible to have a maintenance program where the net was taken out in spring and cleaned and repaired in order to appeal to the many visitors."

The Narooma News will endeavour to find out from council where and when the next maintenance will be completed...

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