Umbrellas at Bermagui on Australia Day

AUSTRALIA Day in Bermagui will be a little different to anywhere else this year.

Sunday, January 26 will see the launch of “Umbrellas of Bermagui” an initiative by the Bermagui Seaside Fair to raise money for the long awaited local skate park.

Fifteen local businesses have sponsored 15 3-metre shade umbrellas, which are being hand painted by 15 renowned artists, and they will go on display for the first time on Australia Day in Bermagui on the lawn in front of Bermagui Country Club.

The theme of the art work has been left entirely up to the sponsor and the artists, and the completed works of art will be auctioned at the Seaside Fair on March 8.

No two umbrellas will be the same!

Dennis Olmstead of Bermagui brought the idea from Harbert, Michigan in the USA, and it is believed that this will be the first time in Australia that this type of fundraiser has been implemented.

“If the success of the annual event in Harbert is anything to go on, then ‘Umbrellas of Bermagui’ should be a sell-out,” Dennis said.

“With so many talented and professional artists giving their time and expertise to this great fund raising event, we can’t go wrong!

“We are hoping to attract bidders from far and wide as these beautifully decorated umbrellas would enhance the patio/barbecue area of any home or business anywhere”.

The umbrellas will be on display in Bermagui from Australia day up until the Seaside Fair and the auction of the umbrellas will take place directly after the annual charity auction of donated goods around 12.45pm on Dickinson Oval at the Seaside Fair.

So for something different on this Australia Day, come to beautiful Bermagui and view these wonderful iconic works of art and consider making a purchase at auction on March 8.

Imagine the comments from your friends when you enjoy your drinks under your own unique work of art, the only one of its kind!

“Umbrellas of Bermagui” - Sponsors and artist profiles

Umbrella 1:

The first of 15 hand-painted, 3-metre shade umbrellas to be auctioned at the 2014 Bermagui Seaside Fair has been completed and ready to display on Australia Day at Bermagui.

Kate Power proprietor of “The Sundeck Restaurant” at Fishermen's Wharf Bermagui and freelance artist Joel Tarling have teamed up to present a unique and unusual work of art which when sold will deliver funds to the Seaside Fair Committee, who in turn will distribute the money after costs towards the erection of the long awaited skate park in Bermagui.

Both sponsor and artist have strong ties and are passionate about Bermagui, having grown up in the area.

Joel studied Fine Arts at Meadowbank Tafe and Graphic Design at the Design Centre Enmore.

Over the past decade he has held numerous exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne and has illustrated a number of children's publications. For more info visit his webpage at

Umbrella 2:

Jane Coates, owner of “The Pineapple House”, which operates from two separate locations in Bermagui has sponsored the second of 15 magnificent umbrellas.

Jane has been in business in Bermagui for the past 14 years and is an avid supporter of many local groups. Her businesses are located at Fishermen's Wharf and in Wallaga Street.

Helen Morris, visual artist of Bermagui was Jane's choice of artists and has presented a series of pelicans around the edge of her umbrella. These beautiful birds are so lifelike it appears that the larger ones are actually taking flight.

Helen has lived in Bermagui for more than 20 years and is involved in many art groups across the area and is now a part of Shop 7 Art Space at Fishermen's Wharf.

The Pelican Umbrella will be on display at the launch of “Umbrellas of Bermagui” on Australia Day and thereafter will be at The Pineapple House at Fishermen's Wharf until sold at auction.

Umbrella 3:

Becky and Luke Moresi from “Cream Patisserie” in Wallaga Street Bermagui are the sponsors of the third completed umbrella.

The Moresi family moved to Bermagui five years ago and have built a hugely successful business with their culinary delights of an Italian/French/European theme.

Luke is a pastry chef with flair but prefers to keep consistency in his preparations.

Becky invited Pauline Balos of Bermagui to paint her umbrella. A painter in both acrylic and oils, Pauline also works with small aluminium sculptures.

She has exhibited widely in Australia and is represented in collections both in Australia and overseas. Similar to the artists of the first two completed umbrellas, Pauline has chosen a marine theme. which goes  perfectly with the Seaside Fair!

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