Tuross Head lawn bowls

THE bowls organiser at Tuross Head Bowling Club Ray Downey put forward an event called “Lightning Singles” on Saturday.  The event calls for each game to go for eight ends and whoever has 15 points first wins that game and if they play more than eight ends, it is down to whoever reaches 15 first.  The concept is that each team is made up of three players, with one taking turn as the marker while the other two play one another, then the players rotate and to make it more interesting there was a pool of cash there for the final four.

The winner out of the three becomes eligible to play in the next round.  However, round two only consists of eight positions, so the highest scoring eight winners play in the Q final.  Then winners of that round move up to the semi-final, and so on. Last Saturday was the beginning of the event with some 20 plus players starting the first level of the “lightning singles”, out of this came eight of the highest scorers.

The match started off with the eight highest scorers playing the Q-finals, John Monks versus Noel Downie, John Fahey versus Reg Endall, Barry Sloane versus Ron Cox and Peter Davies versus Warner Kallweit.  The second round of the afternoon had Barry Sloane playing Noel Downie and Peter Davies playing John Fahey.

Due to the very nature of the game’s limitations all the players had to make every shot count, which in turn made the matches a matter of skill and tactics.  The final had Peter Davies playing Barry Sloane, both players had been bowling very well indeed in the lead up to the final. Although Peter tried his hardest, he could not overcome Barry’s determination and consistency and we cannot forget Barry’s new bowls.

Both men laid down quality draw bowls, however Barry was never far from the jack throughout the match, thus taking the prize money home or should I say Val did.  All the members loved the new concept and we thank Ray for all the effort he put into it.

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