Catch of the Day: kings and a mako

Catch of the Day (May 3): Narooma charter boat Playstation had an interesting day yesterday getting some kingfish and a mako shark on a marlin skirt.

Charter Fish Narooma and Playstation skipper Nick Cowley reported they got half a dozen nice kingfish at the island as well as some nice snapper.

Kevin Harper from Melbourne got a nice kingfish caught on the light snapper rod, Daiwa Advantage 3000 size reel on 20lb leader on the reef, good effort!

Hayley Forrest from Melbourne also got a nice

Nick, who has just been named the TAFE Transport State trainee of the year, took the guys out for a bit of marlin fish.

The boys from Charter Fish Narooma had a good day on the marlin a couple of days before on a bit of a play day, so Nick must have been hoping for a repeat performance.

But fickle as marlin are they did no good and didn’t even see any tuna, but of course on a good charter there is always something.

They had a mako take a marlin skirt and as a result Peter Gourgaud Canberra ended up with the shark.

The seas today are set to rise and its already gusting 22 knots with 4-metre seas and swell forecast for tonight.

The fish in the estuaries could also be off a little bit with the falling pressure and the bass of Brogo Dam had shut down.

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