Help monitor sea creatures with “Redmap”

A FREE Redmap presentation will be given at Narooma Golf Club on Wednesday, June 5 at 5.30pm giving locals and members of the Nature Coast Marine Group a chance to see how they can get involved.

Redmap is a fantastic citizen science project that's taking a giant nationwide leap from its starting point in Tasmania.

With the Redmap Australia website, the community is being asked to look out for unusual occurrences of species in the seas around Australia. These community sightings will help reveal if fishes and other marine species are shifting their ranges with the changing climate.

The website also known as the Range Extension Database and Mapping Project began in Tasmania in 2009.

Already Tasmanian fishers and divers have logged hundreds of unusual sightings including eastern rock lobster, southern Maori wrasse and King George whiting, all spotted further south than usual.

The Redmap website encourages members to share photos and anecdotes about turtles, octopus, lobsters, corals, seaweeds, urchins, prawns and marine mammals.

Project organisers are keen to hear of sightings of rare or uncommon species seen along the coast.

You can get involved by becoming a Redmap member, signing up for the quarterly newsletter, liking Redmap on Facebook, and logging unusual marine life at

Next week’s presentation will be given by Professor Natalie Moltschaniwskyj, Associate Professor, Marine Science School of Environmental & Life Sciences at the University of Newcastle.