Australia’s largest sex census sample ever, 15,000 surveyed!

Australia’s largest sex census sample ever, 15,000 surveyed!

HOT on the heels of its first explosive incarnation, The Great Australian Sex Census (conducted by is back with the results of the 2011/12 edition.

In 2009 the inaugural census surveyed over 9,000 Australians, smashing the ‘old-hat’ Durex sex quiz for Aussie sample size and establishing itself as the ‘holy grail’ of sex statistics in this country.

This year and its Sex Census partners have decimated the old mark by surveying over 15,000 people, a 50% increase on the inaugural survey!

Asking the questions that the Australian Bureau of Statistics are too afraid to ask, The Great Australian Sex Census has dropped some extremely titillating stats on Aussies about their own sexual kinks, desires and secrets.

It has revealed that Aussie men prefer the humble handful over Baywatch boobs, that real estate agents are the most likely professionals to cheat on their partners and that the Northern Territory is the home of the outdoor shagger.

After such a successful roll-out in 2009, the uptake of the Great Australian Sex Census by Australian and indeed international media has been outstanding. Radio, television, print and online news and infotainment brands have devoured the stats produced by the Census creating new and exciting content based around these Aussie nookie numbers.

Not only has the media embrace been amazing, the Census has also attracted three of Australia’s most recognised organisations as Census partners in Sexpo, The Australian Sex Party & EROS.

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The Great Australian Sex Census

As the loin tickling numbers continue to roll out from the 2011/12 Great Australian Sex Census (conducted by,) we thought we’d start breaking things down, taking the insight into Australian sexuality one step further.

We’ve had our stat boffins trawling through the endless pool of information gathered by the Census, to work out which states around the country topped which areas of the Census; and the results... they might surprise you!

It seems the Census has little to no respect for expectations showing that the states we had assumed would be leading the majority of the Census subjects are in fact trailing the rest of the country; and some of the smaller states... well apparently size has little effect on sexy.

So sit back, grab a bev and find out which state cleaned up, which state played it safe, which state is happiest about their bedroom activities and which state is feeling the most unfulfilled.

It’s the Great Australian Sex Census...

State Vs State!!!

Western Australia the sexiest

“It’s official... if you want Australia’s sexiest, head West Bloody Nora! It is indeed the Wild, Wild, West. People say there’s something in the water over in WA and the Great Australian Sex Census may have just proved it!

We were almost ready to start considering new categories just so the West Aussies would have a challenge. Biggest penises, highest percentage of women with breast enlargements, highest percentage of Aussies who’ve had a threesome, highest percentage of people who like sex in public... just a few of the numerous categories that West Australia destroyed.

It’s a fact, everyone in the West is sex mad. If they weren’t first in a category, more often than not they were second; but does all that shaggin’ make you happy?

Not necessarily; you see if you peruse all the top results from the West you will come across one very interesting stat - WA returned the highest percentage of men who were unsatisfied with their sex lives. What the?!?

Census categories topped by Western Australia

Highest average penis length . 6.53”

Most content with body image . 21.00%

Most heavily tattooed state . 36.10%

Highest percentage of...

Blondes . 21.80 %

Women with breast enlargements . 4.50%

Men who are unsatisfied with their sex life . 43.50%

Men that fantasise about sex with another man . 26.00%

People that have had a threesome 53.90%

People that have experimented with food during sex . 51.20%

People that would shag their friend if the chance arose . 64.00%

People that would shag their friend’s partner if the chance arose . 40.00%

People that like dirty talk during sex .51.50%

People that enjoy sex in public .48.70%

People that enjoy pornography . 80.70%

People that have been videotaped having sex . 40.80%

People that have naked pictures of their partner on their phone . 32.60%

People that have naked pictures of ex-partners on their phone . 19.60%

Women that get bored having sex with a regular partner . 41.70%

People that have found their partner lazy in the bedroom . 55.10%

People that put ‘orgy’ at the top of their sexual bucket list . 18.90%

People that think their relationship would be healthier were it ‘open’ 29.30%

People that have tried online dating . 61.70%

People that have slept with someone they met through online dating . 51.30%

Size not a factor in NT’s very sexy showing

It’s all happening in the Top End! Punching well above their weight, the Northern Territorians have topped a swag of categories and proved that they’re among Australia’s sexiest! Some of their claims to fame include having more DD cups per capita than any other state, the highest percentage of bi-sexuals in the country and the highest percentage of singles.

While the NT topped some grand categories, the fellas up there topped a couple they most likely wish they hadn’t. At an average length of 6.15”, the Territorian lads are logging the lowest average penis length in the country, which is most likely why the NT also topped the category that asked men if they’d like a larger penis... 22.50% said yes.

Northern Territory has the highest percentage of...

Singles . 31.00%

Bi-sexuals . 18.30%

DD cups in Australia 26.80%

Daily masturbators .25.40%

Co-worker hook-ups . 48.60%

Men wanting a larger penis . 22.50%

Men that get bored having sex with a regular partner . 49.50%

Women that fantasise about sex with another woman 56.70%

People that have sent naked pictures of themselves to others via mobile phone .60%

People that make booty calls . 33.80%

People that have been in an ‘open’ relationship . 27.50%

People that have cheated on a partner . 52.10% and the lowest average penis length of 6.15”

Lights out as Victorian Census results emerge

Widely considered to be the hippest and most happening state in Australia, everyone expected Victoria to fare a little better than they did in this year’s Census when it comes to the sexy stuff. While the little big state ran the middle ground for the majority of the Census questions, they did top a few categories; unfortunately, for the most part, they weren’t categories you’d be aiming to top.

In fact, the areas Victoria took out paint a picture that’s more reflective of their weather than what you’d expect of their sex lives. Turns out a lot of Viccos don’t like doing the deed with the lights on, a strangely high number have never got busy with a partner under the warm, watery goodness of a shower-head, and unfortunately for the lads from Vic, the state returned the highest percentage of ladies who do not care for giving oral pleasure... our condolences boys!

Victoria has the highest percentage of...

Women that don’t enjoy giving oral sex . 19.20%

People that have never had sex in the shower . 10.20%

People that turn the lights off during sex . 13.90%

People that would be encouraged to have more sex if they were partially clothed or had the lights off . 27.30%

People that put sex with a celebrity at the top of their sexual bucket list .17.30%

People that would not forgive a partner if they cheated on them . 23.30%

New South Wales has the highest percentage of...

Highest rate of body contentment among women . 20.00%

Woman that believe you should only have sex with someone once married . 9.60%

NSW fails to perform in 2011/12 Sex Census

What the hell New South Wales?!? We had reams of paper and dozens of fresh journalism graduates standing-by, pens poised to break down the expected barrage of category topping information form y’all.

But what did we get? Next to nought.

We’re not sure what’s happening over there, but the fine folk of

New South Wales returned fewer results than the search for Harold Holt.

At first we assumed they must have placed second in a slew of categories keeping them out of the top spots we were looking for... nup.

New South Wales found the medium strip and stayed right there in the safe and uncontroversial middle ground throughout most of the Census.

Is it a good thing? Well it means they don’t excel in any unwanted fields, but it also means they don’t excel in any of the highly desirable fields, and it also makes it bloody difficult to write a blurb on their results!

Lots of silver for QLD in the sex-lympics, but not much gold

Following in the footsteps of their Southern neighbours, QLD has bucked expectations to return a lower than average showing in the Census. With all that sun, sand and surf, it’s obvious

Queenslanders have no shortage of fun activities to concern themselves with, but really, what’s better than sex?

While they didn’t top many categories, the ones they did rep hard in were pretty awesome; in fact one our favourite stats came from the sex locations category with Queenslanders topping the country when it came to balcony sex... and why the hell not?

Unlike Victoria and New South Wales, Queensland did actually place second in quite a few categories, so of the big three states, they definitely faired the best, but if they want to keep their reputation as a premo sexy state, they’re going to have to lift their game before the next Census.

Queensland has the highest percentage of...

Swingers . 10.00%

Shaved pubic hair . 28.70%

People that think the best location for sex in an apartment balcony . 12.40%

Head south for some sexual satisfaction

Well, you can excel in as many fields as you like, but really it all comes down to one question... are you satisfied?

If Mick Jagger was kept up at night by his lack of satisfaction (we don’t really think that’s what was keeping him up) then perhaps he should have tried South Australia on for size! The sandgropers lead the field in both the male and female sexual satisfaction stakes, and that’s a damn fine effort.

Another anomalous stat that emerged from South Australia during the Census was that of homosexual population; although the national average sits at just under 5%, in South Australia the number is under 3%... hmmm.

South Australia has the highest percentage of:

Contentment with vaginal appearance in women . 81.90%

Women who would consider surgery to alter the appearance of their vagina . 13.20%

Men that are satisfied with their sex life . 45.60%

Women that are satisfied with their sex life . 60.80%

Women that would lie about their age to get laid . 19.60%

Women that feel uncomfortable having sex due to their body shape . 37.70%

People that have ‘a threesome’ at the top of their sexual bucket list . 27.10%

and the lowest percentage of Homosexuals... 2.90%

More sexual politics than sex in Australia’s capital

You know how Vatican City has an economy way larger than an area of its size should; well the ACT is like that with sex... and they do it without the Catholic Church!

Our capital state returned the top result in quite a few areas, but while the population of the ACT seems to be quite modern in areas such as sexual politics, it seems to be lagging in and around the act of sex itself.

Our number one state has the highest percentage of virgins, women who have faked orgasms, and accordingly women who are unsatisfied with their sex lives.

Also the ACT has the highest percentage of homosexuals in Australia which may be why they topped the hot potato polls such as supporting gay marriage and gay adoption.

Keep it up ACT, you might be small but you swing a big sex stick!

ACT has the highest percentage of...

Homosexuals . 9.10%

Virgins . 5.50%

Contentment with penis size . 71.60%

Women who have faked orgasms . 44.50%

Women who are unsatisfied with their sex life . 34.00%

Men that think fake boobs are a turn off . 60.90%

Men that believe you should only have sex with someone once married . 10.90%

People that support gay marriage . 62.10%

People that believe gay couples should be allowed to adopt . 63.70%

and the lowest percentage of...

Women that enjoy receiving oral sex . 69.00%

People that have had a threesome . 32.10%

Razor sales plummet as Tassie keeps it real down there

Tasmanians have copped a hard time from their mainland counterparts for years, but finally they’ve outdone their Northern neighbours by topping a swag of categories in this year’s Sex Census.

The picture these new stats paint... well we’ll leave that up to the reader.

Redheads, un-manicured pubic hair, men who don’t want to go any further South than they already are... just a few of the honours taken out by our island state.

But amongst these, shall we say, rustic numbers, another of our favourite Census results has emerged. Tasmania had the highest percentage of respondents that placed sex while sky diving as the number one item on their sex bucket list!

Bad ass, Tasmania... totally bad ass!

Tasmania has the highest percentage of...

Redheads 6.90%

Naturally kept pubic hair . 28.60%

Men that don’t enjoy giving oral sex . 8.60%

People that would stay with a partner they loved even though they were bad in bed . 66.80%

People that put sex while skydiving at the top of their sexual bucket list . 3.10%

People that have never cheated on a partner . 46.30%