Dr Jenny Wray wins national mentor award

ANOTHER AWARD: Dr. Jenny Wray at her Lighthouse Surgery in Narooma.
ANOTHER AWARD: Dr. Jenny Wray at her Lighthouse Surgery in Narooma.

MANY participants in the Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship (RAMUS) program say that the opportunity to be mentored by a rural medical practitioner is a highlight and one of the most rewarding parts of being a RAMUS scholar.

Dr Jenny Wray of the Lighthouse Surgery in Narooma is one of two doctors to receive the 2011 RAMUS Mentor Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the Scheme and the inspirational support they have provided to RAMUS scholars.

Dr Jenny Wray was nominatedfor the award by Emily Deck, who graduated from UNSW in 2011, and Elizabeth Downie, a current scholar in 5th year at UNSW. Dr Wray has participated in the RAMUS Scheme since 2005.

Dr Wray and her husband Jock Munro award at least one scholarship each year to students graduating from Narooma High School, making tertiary education more achievable for local young people.

Both Emily and Elizabeth have benefited from this scholarship.

In her nomination, Emily said: “I respect Dr Jenny Wray as a practitioner and as a person, and greatly admire the work she does in our local community. She fulfils so many roles with aplomb - being a rural GP, raising a family, and running and coordinating a large and busy general practice. I aspire to do at least some of what Jen does with as much efficiency, enthusiasm and to such a high a standard.

I have so much admiration and respect for all the work she does in our community and for rural healthcare. Being awarded the RACGP GP of the Year in 2011 and the practice being recognised as the RACGP NSW General Practice of the Year is a wonderful testament to the work she and her team do. She has played a huge part in shaping my medical education to date.”

Elizabeth said: “Dr Wray provides excellent support and amazing opportunities to the medical students at her practice. Whilst supporting ANU medical students on rotation, Dr Wray also mentors several RAMUS scholars, and allows them to play a role in her practice. She is highly committed to and enjoys getting personally and professionally involved in the communities in which she lives and works. She is a kind and generous woman, a great doctor, an enthusiastic supporter of future medical practitioners, and an active member in our community. Her continuing support has proven invaluable.

Dr Emily Deck is an intern at Concord Hospital. Elizabeth Downie is in the fifth year of the six year undergraduate course at UNSW, Albury campus.

The other recipient for the RAMUS mentor award was Perth-based Dr Olga Ward, who works with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, regularly flying her much loved plane ‘Pinky’ to rural towns in Western Australia.

She has participated in the RAMUS Scheme as a mentor since 2004. She was nominated by RAMUS scholar Henry Maddock, a third year student at University of WA.

For more information about finding a mentor, havea look at the Information for new RAMUS scholars2012 booklet available at:http://ramus.ruralhealth.org.au/tips

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