Sandgrit - Narooma Surf Lifesaving Club news

ANOTHER great clubbie weekend was had by all, starting on Friday afternoon with the Nippers in the Net on their boards, undeterred by the rain! A super-hot Saturday Twilight Nippers made it hard to get the kids out of the water, a relaxing afternoon with a mix by DJ Matt for all. An early start on Sunday morning had many backing up again for more, setting up for another branch carnival on Main Beach, Narooma.

It was the most number of Narooma competitors we can remember participating in a senior carnival for a long time. It is especially great to see Melissa, Madelyn, Narelle and Gary competing in their first ever surf carnival, after having attained their Bronze Medallion’s earlier this season. The morning began with the boats, Narooma entering two crews, followed by ski and surf races, board and ironman events in the water. The sprint and flag events continued in the afternoon, no-one game to leave as to not miss out on the entertaining display of the seniors.

Another great event hosted by Narooma SLSC, credit goes to everyone who helped, participated, clapped and cheered. Thank you to all the competitors, officials and water safety personnel who travelled from clubs across the branch who made the day possible.

Surf Rescue Certificate

Cadets and U14's - Course starts next Sunday, February 9

The five week program will run during Nippers on Sunday mornings from 9am until 11am. The aim of the course is to provide participants with the knowledge of basic patrolling and surf awareness in order to be able to participate in lifesaving operations. 

Participants must be a minimum of 13 years of age on the date of final assessment. (Wambiri, March 14)

Participants must have completed a minimum of 200m swim in five minutes or less, in a swimming pool of not less than 25 metres or over a measured open water course before any training starts in the surf and/or deep water.

U13-14 Youth Development and Leadership Camp Wambiri at Tathra - March 14 to 16. The final elements of the Surf Rescue Certificate course will be undertaken at Wambiri, along with other candidates in the branch.

Contact Steve Dobson 0429 907 822 or Ben Bate 0407 929 515 for more information.

Interested in becoming an official - for Junior Carnivals in our branch only?

This course date is set so that you are ready to 'blow' (bad pun) in time for the next junior carnival at Moruya. We have had a great response of people putting their name down already. Conducted in-house by Dobbo on Thursday, February 13, 6pm - 9pm. RSVP by February 5 to Steve Dobson 0429 907 822 so that paperwork and name badge can be organised.

The Junior Officiating Course has been developed to provide a basic understanding for those who wish to become involved in officiating in Junior Surf Sports activities and competitions and may not have had a background in previous officiating. Prerequisites: Age 15 or over. Be a financial member of SLSA and completed the Working with Children paperwork. (Bronze Medallion not required).

The week ahead:

Friday – Board Training sy The Net 4.30pm.

Fundraising Raffles at O’Brien’s Hotel 6pm

Saturday – Patrol D with Wayne Mullavey 10am

Sunday – Patrol B with Chris Read 9am

Narooma Nippers 9am

CONGRATULATIONS once again to the Nippers who participated in the Junior Branch Carnival last December – the results are in and Narooma came third overall. It was a successful day for the club where they were given much praise from the branch for all the hard work, safety decisions and the friendly atmosphere which made for a fantastic event.

Placing results for Narooma competitors are as follows:

U8 Relay – 1st U8 Wade Relay 1st U8 Beach Relay; Sam Patmore - 2nd U8 Male Wade, 2nd U8 Male Sprint, 1st U8 Male Flags; Sophie Foster - 1st U8 Female Wade, 1st U8 Female Sprint, 1st U8 Female Flags; Halle Constable - 2nd U8 Female Wade, 3rd U8 Female Sprint, 5th U8 Female Flags.

U9 Relay – 1st U9 Beach Relay; 4th U9/10 Board Relay; Clarinda Stewart - 1st U9 Female Wade, 3rd U9 Female Sprint; Kailey Jorgensen - 2nd U9 Female Wade, 2nd U9 Female Sprint; Jack Mccaughtrie - 6th U9 Male Surf; Sienna Anderson - 1st U9 Female Board, 1st U9 Female Sprint, 1st U9 Female Flags.

U10 Relay – 6th U10 Beach Relay; 1st U10 Surf Teams Boys; 3rd U10 Surf Teams Girls; Aiden Miles 1st U10 Male Surf, 3rd U10 Male Board, 5th U10 Male Sprint, 5th U10 Male Flags; Angus Patmore 4th U10 Male Surf, 6th U10 Male Sprint, 6th U10 Male Flags; Hayley Stubbs - 4th U10 Female Board; Elli Beecham - 5th U10 Female Board, 3rd U10 Female Sprint, 3rd U10 Female Flags; Jack Davis 3rd U10 Male Sprint.

U11 Relay – 4th U11 Beach Relay; 4th U11 Surf Teams Girls; Ethan Anderson - 5th U11 Male Surf, 5th U11 Male Board, 4th U11 Male Sprint, 2nd U11 Male Flags; Anna Rogerson - 4th U11 Female Board; Jack Bennett - 1st U11 Male Sprint, 1st U11 Male Flags; Latiesha Stewart - 1st U11 Female Sprint, 1st U11 Female Flags; Makayla Morris - 2nd U11 Female Flags; Abby Dawson - 6th U11 Female Flags.

U13 Relay – 2nd U13 Surf Teams Boys; Riley Miles - 5th U13 Male Surf, 4th U13 Ironman; Kyal Morris - 6th U13 Male Surf.

U14 Relay – 1st U14 Beach Relay; 1st U14 Surf Teams Girls; Elizabeth Halsey - 3rd U14 Female Surf, 5th U14 Female Shortboard, 4th U14 Diamond Lady Shortboard, 6th U14 Female Sprint, 5th U14 Female Flags; Kelly Howes 5th U14 Female Surf, 6th U14 Female Shortboard, 5th U14 Diamond Lady Shortboard; Jack Sykes - 1st U14 Male Shortboard, 1st U14 Male Ironman short board, 6th U14 Male Sprint, 3rd U14 Male Flags; Georgia McDonald - 4th U14 Female Shortboard, 6th U14 Female Flags; Cooper Carruthers - 4th U14 Male Sprint; Kai Karny-Winters - 5th U14 Male Sprint; Lilly Bennett - 1st U14 Female Sprint, 1st U14 Female Flags.

March Past – 4th All Age Sprint Relay – 5th and 6th.

WAVE CRASH: Broulee SLSC Surfers surfboat rowers in action in the surf at the Far South Coast Life Saving Club senior carnival hosted by Narooma SLSC.

WAVE CRASH: Broulee SLSC Surfers surfboat rowers in action in the surf at the Far South Coast Life Saving Club senior carnival hosted by Narooma SLSC.

SURF ACTION: The two Narooma SLSC surfboat teams in action on the beach during the carnival

SURF ACTION: The two Narooma SLSC surfboat teams in action on the beach during the carnival