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Eurobodalla Animal Welfare League

THIS week, the Eurobodalla branch of the Animal Welfare League is putting all its efforts into the feline side of things.

It has nine kittens ready to go to new homes and they are all just as cute as this one – although quite different.

The oldest were born in September so they are all still very young and playful.

And as for adult cats, the AWL has five in all looking for new homes.  But the cat that has been in residence the longest deserves a special mention.

Aurora is now almost two years old and has been in our care since she was a kitten. She deserves so much better.

She is a beautifully soft tabby with a bit of an independent nature, but that may very well change once she has a “parent” and home all to herself.

Please, there must be somebody out there prepared to give her a chance at a good life.

The other cats are all female and about two years old. There are two calico cats and two tabbies.

Now for the canines… The AWL is very happy to say that all our puppies have found new homes and from all accounts, the new owners are thrilled with them.  One couple was so thrilled, they gave an extra $50 donation. 

The AWL has three adult dogs left looking for new homes. Firstly it still has Eva – the wonderful, gentle, soft natured greyhound who is about seven years old.

Her running days are well and truly over and she shows no inclination to be anywhere other than by your side.

Secondly, it has Tuppence who is a whippet cross. She has beautiful colouring and we guess her age is 3 or 5.

She is a rather active and very happy little girl and just loves companionship of any kind – human or dog.

And finally, the AWL has Clara who is about six years old. She is a lovely white shih-tzu/Maltese cross with loads of personality and a great sense of fun.  She loves socialising with other dogs on her outings and is very personable and polite with humans as well.

Dog training has started back at NATA Oval at 1.30pm on Saturdays.

It’s not too late to join up this Saturday, so get down there and spend some productive and quality time with your furry friend.  It will pay dividends like you wouldn’t believe.

The AWL promotes responsible pet ownership and all pets sold are micro-chipped, vaccinated, wormed and de-sexed.  Costs are dogs – from $280; puppies – from $300; cats – from $120; and kittens – from $170.

If you would like to know more, please call us on 0410 016 612.

AWL FSC - Staffies a plenty for adoption

IF you have ever owned a Staffy you will know how intelligent, persistent, boisterous and affectionate the breed is.

They are almost always obedient, and want nothing more than to please their family.

This breed is not recommended for an inactive owner or family, they need a confident owner who is consistent with their dogs training and secure fencing is needed.

The AWL FSC branch has 10-week-old English Staffy cross pups Buster and Jimmy, Mozart, James, Buster and their Mum Chelsea the 14-month-old English Staffy.

Then there are the 14-week-old Staffy cross pups Quinn and Kate, as well as Ruby, the female four-year-old English Staffy cross.

Also in care is Boots the three-year-old male greyhound, Peppy the male four-month-old blue cattle/stumpy tail pup, Buddy the four-month-old male tan kelpie and Spot the two-year-old male Jack Russell, Kelly the one-year-old female kelpie.

AWL FSC also has cats including Ginger the male DSH kitten, Abby the delightful 13-weeks-old kitten, Sampson the 13-week-old male white/grey tabby kitten and lots more!

Call the adoption line on 0400 372 609.

There has been a Parvo virus outbreak in Bega Valley Shire, a highly contagious and often deadly infection in dogs.

It attacks the small intestinal lining causing inflammation, ulceration and bleeding.

Dogs can develop symptoms quickly and can show severe dullness, have very painful abdomens, vomit, and have diarrhea which is often profuse, bloody, and smelly.

Vaccination gives very good protection so please make sure your vaccinations are up to date.

Vaccinated dogs, or dogs that have had mild or treated infections of Parvo before will be immune to the disease but some will still shed the virus in their stools.

Your dog does not need to have direct contact with another dog to catch it and you can even bring it home on your shoes!

LUCY KITTEN: AWL Eurobodalla has It has tabbies, black, black and white, ginger, tortoise shell, male, female, short haired, fluffy hair – take your pick.

LUCY KITTEN: AWL Eurobodalla has It has tabbies, black, black and white, ginger, tortoise shell, male, female, short haired, fluffy hair – take your pick.

STAFFY PUPS: 10-week-old English Staffy cross pups Buster and Jimmy.

STAFFY PUPS: 10-week-old English Staffy cross pups Buster and Jimmy.


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