Surfing - Spirit of Akasha

THE film featuring world champion surfers Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Beau Young and many more

After the phenomenal success of the sold-out worldwide premiere at the Sydney Opera House in January, the surfing movie Spirit of Akasha is showing in local Cinemas and is screening at the Narooma Kinema on ANZAC Day (April 25) at 7pm.

In 1972, Albert Falzon made a film that would forever change the way the world thought about surfing.

The film was Morning of the Earth.

For many people it was the very first time they came to recognise surfing as a complete lifestyle. This recognition, coupled with mind-blowing, innovative surfing made the film a classic that has remained vital for over 40 years. Albe’s portrayal of all things pure and simple influenced generations, and passed on an enduring spirit to our culture, our music, and our lifestyle.

Spirit of Akasha is a brand new Australian film that reaffirms Morning of the Earth’s ethos of soul and spirit in the present day context, proving its values still have an enduring impact on us all.

Produced by noted Australian film-maker Andrew Kidman (Litmus, Glass Love, Last Hope) and mentored by Albe Falzon himself, Spirit of Akasha sets a new benchmark with a creative fusion blending the realms of surfing, music and film making.

World champion surfers such as Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Tom Curren, Kelly Slater and Beau Young have joined the new guard of Heath Joske, Harrison Roach, Ellis Ericson and Ace Buchan and Jon Jon Florence, alongside ‘soul surfers’ Fergal Smith, Joel and Kye Fitzgerald among many more.

SURFER GIRL: Stephanie Gilmore. Photo Andrew Kidman

SURFER GIRL: Stephanie Gilmore. Photo Andrew Kidman


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