Moruya Sharks bite the Narooma Devils: GALLERY

ON Sunday the Narooma Devils Rugby League first grade team were up against the Moruya Sharks at Ack Weyman Oval in the first round of the Group 16 Rugby League.

The Moruya Sharks were first to go over the line with a try from J Clark which wasn’t converted leaving the Sharks to lead 4 to 0.

Narooma was next to go over the line with a goal from Taylor Alley which was converted leaving the Narooma Devils 6 to the Sharks 4.

The Sharks then scored another try which was converted putting the Moruya Sharks in front 10 to 6.

Once again the Sharks scored a try which was converted leaving the half time score Moruya 16 and Narooma 6.

The siren rang for the start of the second half and the Narooma Devils took their place on the field and waited for the Moruya Sharks to come out of the dressing room.

Another six minutes later, the Moruya Sharks returned from the locker room and play began in the second half.

In the second half it was Narooma’s Todd Ayres that scored a try which was converted by Jason Hextell leaving the score Moruya 16 to Narooma’s 12.

Sharks player Justin Bell then went over the line to score a try which was converted by Joel Peachy putting the Sharks further in the lead 22 to 12.

Moruya’s Joel Peachy scored a beautiful try when he ran half the length of the field before going over between the posts to score again for the Moruya Sharks; he then converted the try leaving the Moruya Sharks winners on the day 28 to Narooma’s 12 at the full time signal.