Nutz and Blue Balls brave pouring rain

Narooma Numnutz

THE Narooma Numnutz winter swimmers on Sunday braved pouring rain for the first time in their seven-year history.

It was reverse of the previous swim, this time from Bar Beach to the Apex Park boat ramp on a relatively warm incoming tide.

Due to the monsoonal downpour, post swim drinks were held under shelter at the park instead of the usual spot at the far end of Bar Beach.

There were 23 swimmers, including four visitors from Wagga Wagga who join the Numnutz at least once a season.

The slackening tide resulted in the Wagga boys swimming short of the finish and opting to climb over the rock wall and walk back but this resulted in some nasty oyster injuries.

Steve Dobson celebrated his birthday swimming in the rain and then was treated to his favourite kransky soup and cake by Scotty at the Raw Prawn Bistro.

Publican Paul O’Brien who celebrated his birthday earlier in the week also got a cake.

Shrivelled Blue Balls

WELL the Numnutz had to wait until their eighth season before they had a wet Sunday swim but we at the Blue Balls only had to wait for our second season to achieve this feat.

The seas and wind were up, the skies leaden and the rain came down as just two shrivelled Blue Balls congregated at Blue Pool.

They optimistically delayed starting until 9.15am in the hope that the numbers might swell, but that wasn't to be the case.

The over breaking waves transformed Blue Pool into a foaming bomie but unperturbed the brave Blue Balls upheld the club's fledgling winter tradition.

Clyde's recent fish feeding activities have worked a treat as their numbers appear to have increased dramatically.  It's no wonder he had that smile on his face during the first swim of the season.

After 10 laps of Blue Pool and numerous mouthfuls of salt water the two simmers exited the tempestuous sea having successfully avoided an abrupt interface between their teeth and the western rock wall. No Bundy, no club song and being Luddite old codgers, no selfie either as we waddled off on our separate ways.

No gelati award this week but maybe the prize will jackpot to two scoops next week for the mega event and roll up of the long weekend. Ian would like to thank Robert for his attendance and Robert would like to thank Ian for his attendance.

Hopefully we'll see you all next week come rain, hail, sleet or shine.