Winter swimmers at Narooma Bermagui

Numnutz brave bar

IT was a bright sunny day for the 18 Narooma Numnutz winter swimmers that swam through the bar on an outgoing tide in 18 degree water on Sunday – it was a lot warmer in the water than out!

Swimming the outgoing tide through the bar is indeed a challenge with swimmers having to swim hard to get out of the current and across away from the rip along the northern breakwater.

One of the swimmers required the use of the angel ring but was shepherded back to shore with the aid of his fellow swimmers – proving the motto of “Numnutz leave no man behind”.

The swimmers retired to O’Briens Hotel and the Raw Prawn Bistro for a hearty tomato and bacon soup.

Blue Balls saved by spare tyres

WINTER swimming club, the Bermagui Blue Balls were saved on Sunday by a spare tyre. Their own!

Love handles and a bit of tummy bulge are a winter swimmers armoury to combat cold currents and midyear shivers.

On Sundays swim around the northern breakwater at Bermagui River the city members went stroke for stroke with local ice block stalwarts.

Blue Balls also celebrated the participation of their first lady local swimmer Elizabeth Johnson who also picked up the Bermagui Gelati Scoop of the week.

Cold river currents were quickly forgotten after the first sip of chilly tomato soap at the Bermagui beach hotel.

This Sunday the Blue Balls are off to Mumbulla Falls for a water slide, bundy and breaky on the mountain.

Meet at 9am at the blue pool.


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