Club Dalmeny green closures possibly averted: VIDEO

THE Narooma Sporting and Services Club board of directors held a special meeting on Thursday to discuss saving competition bowls and outdoor facilities at Club Dalmeny.

The ball is now in the court of the club members and bowlers who in the next few weeks must come up viable business plan to take over the maintenance of the greens and outdoor facilities.

A letter mailed out to members earlier this month stated due to the high cost of maintaining outdoor facilities, various closures may have to happen to the club.

But board president Graham Reeve told the more than 100 club members assembled on Thursday that the closure of Green 2 and Green 1 as venues for competition bowls might not have to happen.

Quick grab of NSSC board president's speech

But only if the bowlers and other stakeholders of the club including the social bowlers and fishing club could come up with a viable business plan to take over maintenance themselves.

“We’ve gone from something very negative to something that is a bit positive, so let’s get it done,” Mr Reeve said.

Bowler and men’s bowls committee member Illya Naumoski has been leading negotiations between the bowlers and the board.

He was hopeful a way could be found for the bowlers and sub-clubs to take over maintenance and he hoped there was enough expertise and motivation out there among members - a retired greens keeper coming in board would be ideal.

“I love the club and want to see it continue,” he said.

“If we can do it on our own the let’s do it and the board will be there to help us.”

Green 3 will still be closed, and other changes including a new children’s games room is being built in the men’s administration room, meaning men and women administrations move in together will also still happen.

Championship bowls activities and events would have been moved to Club Narooma, but it now hoped that if Green 1 and 2 can be maintained at competition level then none of this would happen.

There were various questions from the floor including whether funds from the sale of the old RSL building could be used to help renovate Club Dalmeny.

While Mr Reeve had no specific update on the sale, he said when it did happen the funds would be split between the clubs at Dalmeny and Narooma.

There were also questions about artificial greens, which would cost $820,000 for four of them, as well as a newsletter and better communication between the board and members.