Surf Sistas snippets

HOT on the heels of International Surfing Day, Mother Nature put on another fine day for the June Comp last Sunday at Kianga.  The weather couldn't have been any different from the previous week when the comp had to be called off due to wind, rain and dangerous swell.  A big turnout welcomed the 8.45am start, and the conditions were good for all abilities and levels.  With six heats in total, it was set to be a long enjoyable morning in the sun.

Heat 1 was the 11 years girls.  This group again showed how much they are all improving, and if the smiles on their faces were anything to go by, they all enjoyed their surf.  Last month's encouragement award winner, Tiarne gave it everything she had and goes for every wave that comes her way.  Geena and Aisha again tussled for places and although you can't tell them apart by looks, their surfing styles are different.  Baillee continues to improve her speed on the pop ups and is progressing well.

First Baillee, second Geena, third Aisha, fourth Tiarne.

Heat 2 was an Opens Heat.  With fierce competition, it was a great spectator’s heat.  Anne was the least experienced surfer in the heat, but showed determination and enthusiasm in really committing to all the suitable waves coming her way.  Danielle paddled onto lots of waves, nailing a few "drops" and being rewarded some sweet little rides.  A few big sets came through and this pushed a few girls in a little closer to shore.  Cat managed to get lots of smaller waves.  The stand out in this heat was by far Steph.  The soon to be birthday girl, Steph, seriously has no fear and paddles onto any wave that comes her way with gusto!  Once she masters her pop up technique, she is going to be unstoppable and for sure take out the "Big Wave Surfer" award... watch this space!

First Steph, second Danielle, third Cat, fourth Anne.

Heat 3 was the combined 13, 14, 15 and 16 years.  This group all bounce off each other (No! Not literally!) really well in terms of competition and abilities.  Once again, a good heat to watch, as these girls are what most the Surf Sistas aspire to.  With some standout take offs, acceleration and rail grabs the girls pulled out all the stops to make the most of the waves.  This was commendable, as the tide was shifting and there were some challenges with battling the backwash.

First 13 years – Jemma; 1st 14 years - Amber, second Georgia; 1st 15 years – Meg and 1st 16 years – Ally.

Heat 4 was the under 10's heat.  By the time these gals get in the water, most of them have been swimming and playing.  They showed lots of energy in the heat and as always, were assisted by the water safety helpers.  Eve got a couple of little waves before she got out - well done Eve.  Lauren showed excellent balance and determination and was rewarded with some good little rides.  Lani; (even though she claimed to not have enjoyed herself!) stuck to the nice little right handers that occasionally reformed, giving her even longer rides.  Stephi showed great improvement and is starting the find her foot placement which gives her better balance and longer rides.  Ruby showed her trademark style, with arms out, bent knees and a massive grin to get some super little rides, paddling solo onto one and even snatching a green wave - woohoo!

First Ruby, second Stephi, third Lani, fourth Lauren, fifth Eve.

Heat 5 was another Opens Heat. Having not been in the water since Bali, Ange took a little warming up. Once she got her first wave she was right though.  Jane was the quiet achiever, snatching the right handers in full view of the judges.  Tania made the trek down the Clyde to compete and was rewarded with not only amazing weather, but some nice waves. Tania is getting to her feet quicker and with school holidays coming up, I'm sure she will be getting in lots more practice.  Bee and Lin tussled it out and despite Mick calling on the stewards about 1 wave, all was good and the only complaint was how quick the heat went!

Equal first - Bee and Lin, second Jane, third Tania, fourth Ange.

Heat 6 was a 12 and 13 years combo heat.  With some great wave selection from the water helpers, these girls were able to get lefts and rights as well as reforms.

Lara was listening to all the coaching tips from Mick and is really starting to put it all together, improvements showing at every monthly comp.  Amy is another relatively new surfer, who is really having a lot of fun in the water.  With the paddling and pop up combo progressing, it should all be getting easier every time.  Look out in summer.  Ruby and Anna got a lot of waves, so it was a tight score line that determined the winner.

First 13 years – Lara; first 12 years - Anna, second Ruby, third Amy.

Encouragement Awards for June went to Steph "No Fear" Ratcliffe for having more guts than everyone else out there (and every other time she hits the water!) and Lauren Barry, who really gave it a red hot go, and is coming along really well.  Get practising your pop ups at home Lauren and you will be even better for July comp! Congrats to both of these gals - well deserved!

Surfer of the month - June

Meg Hawken was awarded this award for June for showing skill, determination and ability beyond her years.  Meg's signature move is fast becoming the rail grab and coupling this with the crouched stance, Meg looks like a pro out there.  Winners are grinners.

Want to know more about Surf Sistas or thinking about joining?

It's not too late to join up!  The season runs until November, with comps every month.  Call Mick or Sue Anderson on 44767 362, Find us on Facebook "South Coast Surf Sistas Inc" or email us on to get all your questions answered!

Upcoming Comp Dates - Mark your calendars!

July Comp – Sunday, July 20 at Bingie. Starts at 8.45am

August Comp – Sunday, August 17 at Kianga. Starts at 8.45am

Note: If conditions mean a comp is called off on the scheduled date, it will attempted to be held the following Sunday.