WIRES launches app to help rescue wildlife

WIRES has launched a mobile phone app today that will allow anyone with an iphone, ipad or android device to report a native animal in need of rescue.

The app has been developed by Sydney based company GiveEasy in response to the growing demand on WIRES, a charity organisation, to provide service to tens of thousands of native animals annually.

Features include:

* Report a rescue form

* Find the nearest 24 hour vet

* Instant photo upload function to help WIRES identify an animal in need

* Access to urgent rescue advice

* Make calls to report rescues outside of NSW

* Make a donation on the go

“WIRES is one of the organisations out on the ground 365 days a year rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing native wildlife in NSW. We have the license to do this across the majority of the state and the demands on our rescue service are growing rapidly,” says Kyla Shelley, WIRES Marketing and Fundraising Manager.

“In the past 10 years, WIRES has seen an increase in calls of over 400% and our donations have certainly not increased at that same rate. WIRES is currently managing over 100,000 incoming calls annually and helped more than 68,000 animals in the last financial year.

“It’s necessary for us to find low-cost, creative ways to help improve our service and increase efficiency.

“By downloading and using this app, people will be helping us spend more time arranging care for animals, and less time gathering data. This ultimately means we can service the need of animals faster," says Kyla Shelley.

The “Australian mobile device ownership and home usage report 2014” reports that over 70 per cent of Australians own a smartphone or tablet device and rarely leave these devices out of hand. 

“As a nation, our use and preference for smartphones and tablet devices will continue to grow. WIRES will turn 30 years old next year and it’s important that we move with the times,” says Shelley.

“Developing this app is one of the ways WIRES will help the community to service the needs of native animals into the future," concludes Shelley.

The WIRES app can be downloaded for free at the App Store for iphone and ipad or from Google Play for android devices.

How can people help WIRES?

1. Download the WIRES at the App Store

2. Ensure your email account is set- up and enabled

3. Familarise yourself with the app

4. Tell your friends about the appTo download from the App Store go to:

To download from Google Play go to:

For more information about WIRES go to www.wires.org.au