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TUROSS BOWLS: Bruce Lidbury adding to his score in the Major Singles, with Joe Kosanic in the background at Tuross Head Bowling Club.
TUROSS BOWLS: Bruce Lidbury adding to his score in the Major Singles, with Joe Kosanic in the background at Tuross Head Bowling Club.

THIS week the Tuross Men’s Bowls had three days of competition bowling, Tuesday was a game for the Major Pairs, Thursday the final of the Major Singles and Saturday was another round of the Major Pairs.  The Major singles game had Alf Winch and Alan Skelton playing Ron Cox and Alan Etheridge.  Ron and Alan took the lead from the start and maintained it throughout the game. Alf and Alan did not have answers to the opposition onslaught, going down 23 to 10.

Once in a while you are fortunate enough to watch a game that that you will remember in years to come and on Thursday this occurred to the 40 odd spectators who watched the final of the Major Singles between Bruce Lidbury (the golfer and part time bowler) and Joe Kosanic (the bowler).

One could confess that you could not have viewed a better game, even watching the world champions playing each other.  The number of spectators drawn to the match showed the interest the game had generated and the players did not let them down.

Bruce started off well taking the lead 4 nil on the third end, by the 14th he was leading 20 to 10.  It appeared that Joe had trouble coming to terms with Bruce’s game, who was deadly accurate with every bowl he put down.  Bruce was (to use an expression) “bowling out of his skin”, he was consistently on the jack and when Joe had the shot, Bruce put one inside taking the end.  Some of Bruce’s bowls had the width of inches to get to the jack and he would pull it off, such was the standard of the game. Joe appeared to be a bit overwhelmed, however, he put that aside and started to get back into the match on the 25th end the score had reach 26 to 21 in favour of Bruce.  On the 32nd end the score was 26 to 30, with Bruce needing one shot to win, which came on the 33rd end, with the final score 31 to 26.  As mentioned earlier in the article, it will be a game to remember, we the members would like to congratulate both players for such great entertainment and well done Bruce, the Major Singles Champion for 2014.

Another round of the Major Pairs was played on Saturday, with four matches taking place. Jim Macklin and Joe Kosanic played Ray Downie and Peter Davies, John Norman and Bruce Taylor went up against Alan Etheridge and Ron Cox, Alan Mcleod and Ron Richardson played Peter Macdonald and Ian Wratten, the final game had Ken Drew and Stan Peck against Andrew Farrington and Joe Cremona.  Peter and Joe fought it out over the 21 ends with Peter coming home the winner by 2 (20 to18).  The Bruce T and Ron C game had a surprising result with Ron winning by a comfortable margin 21 to 6. 

Ron Richardson and Ian Wratten’s match was close right through to the 14 end with only one point between either one of them.  It was on the 15th end when Ron’s side scored a seven, this is when they got the upper hand, coming home 23 to 14.  Ken Drew and Alan Farrington’s match was initially easy for Alan’s side, leading 18 to 6 on the 10th end, having won 8 ends.  Ken Drew’s fortunes started to change from the 13 end up to the 20 end, when they led 24 to 21, it was then fate stepped in and Alan’s side won three points on the 21st end making the 24-24.  This required another game to be played, with 15 of the 16 bowls bowled, with Stan holding shot and only one bowl to play by Ken Drew, Stan’s famous words were “Don’t bowl that bowl”. The end result was Ken and Stan won 25 to 24.


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