Narooma women's Surf Sistas snippets

WHAT an amazing day last Sunday for the July surf comp.  The comp was scheduled for July 20, but was postponed due to dangerous conditions and large swell.  The one week delay proved to make a huge difference.  A big crowd ensured it was going to be a great comp.  The weather was glorious with no wind, 20 degree temp and the water 16 degrees. This comp was made even better due to the combined efforts of the barbecue crew - Glen, Sharon, Dave and Anne; water safety helpers; the judges; photographers Joanne Nitsche and Leonie Doyle; Mick and Sue Anderson the Surf Sistas and parents and siblings.

Results July 27

Heat 1 - Combined 16s, 15s and 14s

16 years first - Ally MacDonald

15 years first - Meg Hawken

14 years first Georgia MacDonald, second Amber Ludbrook

13 years first Jemma Wilson

Timing and technique are improving and as such the quality of take offs and rides are all coming together really well.

Heat 2 - Combined 12s and 13s

12 years first Anna Rogerson, second Amy Nitsche

13 years first Elani Ives, second Lara Ryder

Anna continues her excellent form and should be congratulated on her mostly unassisted effort in this heat. Her determination showed through and she paddled out the back and onto her own waves - gold star. Despite only joining Surf Sistas this season, Amy is really giving it everything when she is in the water. Taking instruction and direction and putting those lessons into practice will prove even more evident in the future.  Elani returned after a hiatus - although you couldn't tell. She just fitted straight back in and by all accounts thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Congrats to Lara who stuck close to Mick and despite being a little nervous, stayed in the water for the entire comp and gained some valuable info from the master.

Heat 3 – 10 years

First Ruby Moore, second Savannah Lowell, third Stephie Ovington, fourth Lani Rogerson.

This was a tightly contested heat.  The conditions were a bit of a challenge with the tide changing and a rip forming, so the waves were a little more difficult to ride.  These gals took it all in their stride though and are really enjoying their time in the surf and its showing.  There were big improvements riding the waves as well as paddling from them all. 

Heat 4 – 11 years

First Aisha Thomas, Second Baillee O'Brien, third Geena Thomas

These three girls are thriving and gaining confidence. Their abilities are increasing and they are progressing to paddling out and also onto their own waves, which is one step closer to being independent in the water.

Heat 5 - Opens

First Mick Anderson, second Cat Davies, third Danielle Phillips, fourth Jane Rogerson, fifth Sammee McCarthy.

For the first time in years, Mick donned a competition rashie to try and steal some thunder from the Sistas.  Jane attempted to thwart his sneaky plot and take him out, but he is like a cat and has at least seven more lives left. This heat produced some great rides and Danielle and Jane. Sammee had her own private cheer squad on the beach. Cat picked up a fab wave that was the highlight of her day.

Heat 6 - Opens

First Nicky Cowie, second Lin Wilton, third B Weston, fourth Anne Nicholson, fifth Mick Anderson.

In between some fierce rivalry paddling onto waves were bursts of cackling in this heat. The waves were a little inconsistent, so the 20 minute heat seemed to go very quickly.  Waves selection was critical and with the bigger boards getting a look in, techniques needed to be adjusted... except this was a hindsight reflection in some cases. Nicky scored a super wave on the "Big Banana" in the perfect conditions. A special well done to Anne, who's persistence is paying off and she is improving each month.

Encouragement Awards

Amy Nitsche - Big improver.

Elani Ives - Welcome back.

Surfer of the Month

Jemma Wilson - Showing once again; all the skills she has been building on over the years.  Going for waves that continue to challenge her and taking the highs and lows in her stride with a dazzling smile.

Upcoming Comp Dates

August Comp Sunday 17 at Kianga - only three weeks away. 


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