Fishing report for South Coast NSW: Aug. 6

WIND was again a determining factor for offshore fishing late last week, strong to gale force winds hammered the South Coast until Saturday night.

On Sunday boats took direct lines to where the bluefin were last seen five days previous, only to quickly realise that the temperature had dropped just enough to send the tuna packing.

Sunday's 2-way radio chatter was a constant 'Have you got anything yet?'. It wasn't until 2pm that the first bluefin were caught - 25 miles east of the Tuross Canyons, and there were only a couple of boats within striking range.

Breaking News: There were bluefin caught off Narooma on Tuesday and boats are heading out again today - stay tuned!

Again bluefin around the 80kg mark were landed, but the boats didn't hang around long, given that they had a couple of hours travel before darkness set in.

On Monday the satellite image showed good water 70kms due east of Merimbula, fortunately the dropping wind meant that a few boats got out from Tathra, Bermagui and Merimbula and landed bluefin.

There have been reliable reports of kingfish south of Eden, these fish have been caught in sub 15c water, so keep an eye out for kings possibly making a return to Montague Island or to the reefs off Tuross.

Boats trolling around Montague Island are still landing a few good sized bonito using 15cm skirted lures, brown and dark purple lures have been getting the best results.

The island is also producing plenty of plate-sized snapper and mowies, with the odd nannygai, pigfish and goatfish to add to the fishers’ bags. The best baits have been strips of slimy mackerel, with most fish found just on the edge of reef.

Flathead haven't exactly been jumping into the boat, but those fishers who have persevered have been rewarded with a good feed.

The only obstacle for flathead fishers at the moment is large numbers of 15-20cm flatties beating the bigger fish to the bait. Certainly a good sign for next season!

Fishing Tip of the week: When trolling in areas where other boats are catching fish, and you aren't, change your lure type and colour often until you find which combination works

Fishing Joke of the week: Question - What is the difference between a hunter and a fisherman? Answer - A hunter lies in wait, and a fisherman waits and lies.

Late Bermagui report:

SCOTTY at Bermi Bait & Tackle reported on his Facebook yesterday that they were still getting the bluefin on the 150'40 line in good numbers above and below 36'50.

“Customers have caught them in closer too today. We went to collect a feed on the edge of the 4-Mile this morning ended with 17 snappers, a few morwong and heaps of tiger flathead.”

Narooma Bowlo fishing report

THE Narooma Bowlo Fishing Club held its monthly Fishing competition over the weekend with quite a few brave members wetting a line in what would be described as horrible conditions.

But the end results were amazing and the winners for the month were Randal Setzer, Wayne Giffen, Brenda Setzer, Adam Giffen, Anthony Hicks, Peter Shakeshaft, Dave Clark, Moya Hicks and Mandy Yates.

For this time of year there were some good whiting, bream and salmon in the catch bags, but it was only a weekend for river and beach as outside was a write off with the wind

Brou Lake seems to have the quality bream in it but they are very far and few between and the only other place was down at Mystery Bay where fishing was surprisingly good with good water temp.

But the secret is fresh beach worms. The next comp will on Father Days’ weekend next month when I think we boys might get a little spoilt.

At the conclusion of this weekend’s comp the AGM was held and the new committee was elected with the new face of Anthony Hicks taking on the job as assistant weigh master and Dave Clark was given a life membership of the fishing club.

So we look forward to another year of the club growing and in the right direction

Now we must pay a tribute from the fishing club to our long time member and friend Donny Kluss who passed away a few weeks ago.

His service was attended by a big contingent of fishing club members and we shed a few tears and had a few laughs at one very amazing man.

I think nearly everyone at the service was shocked when we were informed that Don in his younger years had saved a little girl from a burning home and was awarded a bravery medal from the government.

That little girl who would be in her 40's now made the trip down to pay her respect to a very talented man.

The bell that he made for the fishing club now has a nice brass plaque on it to remember you by because as I said on Sunday it was the first time in 20 odd years of me fishing with the club that you missed a competition.

So tight lines up there Klussy and the bream are breathing a lot easier in Narooma now.

- Fishfingers


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