Narooma's Grandpa's Garden helps out in Peru

BEV SOUTHAM from Grandpa’s Garden recently headed over to South America to hand over the money from the shop donation box for the school children in Peru.

She travelled to the remote village at the far end of the Lares Valley - village name is Choquecancha.

It's perched up the side of the mountain right off away from the end of the Lares Valley trail.

The customers together with Bev and Geoff Southam donated $350 to the children which became 800 Peruvian Soles, a lot of money to them.

“I told the headmaster it was a gift from our village of Narooma to his school to be used for the children as he saw the need,” she said.

“Before we left the school he passed the message that all the children graduating primary school would this year be able to actually go on an excursion to Machu Picchu, the place of their own heritage but very few of them ever get out of the valley to see.

Usually there are only those whose parents have more money get to go.”

The Australian visitors were also very impressed with the students’ traditional dance.

“One student had a mangy llama skin on his back so the dance is a story we guessed about finding and herding llamas,” she said/

“The last one is a fight between I'm not sure but I think perhaps two llamas or animals anyway.

“Some beautiful mature looking young girls also allowed me to take photos of them as they were leaving the school yard to go home to do their home duties.”

The latest collection of donations will be presented in another month when Tanya from Earth Spirit Yoga will be going again to Peru and take our donations to the school.

This time the children need school hats.

At the high altitude the air is thin and the sun fierce but the students never have sun hats to wear for protection.

“We're raising money now to buy them all school sun hats,” Bev said.

“I was only high up in altitude for two weeks and my skin was very dry and a real dark golden brown.

“When I came home my skin peeled away again and returned to normal; and I wasn't constantly in the sun!”


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