Narooma Numnutz swim to wharf: GoPro footage

Watch the Numnutz jump!

The Narooma Numnutz thought they had it all planned when they decided to drift from Australia Rock to the town wharf on Sunday.

But the winter swimmers didn't count on the tide changing half way through the swim.

The incoming tide slackened and then switched to an outgoing forcing the swimmers to actually swim hard to get to their destination - the wharf.

There were 17 swimmers and while the thermometer supposedly read 13 degrees, it felt like 15 degrees and that is what the outside water temperature is in the open ocean right now.

Joining the swimmers were River Cottage Australia host Paul West and food researcher Jody Vassallo.

After some jumping off the town wharf, the swimmers then retired to O'Briens Hotel and the Raw Prawn Bistro from some Thai style veggie soup.