Blacksmith Iain Hamilton to exhibit among world’s best

BLACKSMITH Iain Hamilton of Mother Mountain Forge at Dignams Creek is preparing for the first International Cutler’s Exhibition, to be held in Sydney this weekend.

The exhibition includes the world’s leading makers, dealers, suppliers and manufacturers of products and services in the knife and cutlery industry.

Mother Mountain Forge last October long-weekend organised the South Coast Knife Show at Central Tilba and had hoped to do another this year, but the venue had been pre-booked leaving Iain and his wife Sarah to consider their options.

Iain has also been offering workshop visits with people coming from as far as Sydney for a one-on-one blacksmithing weekend sessions.

He has plans to expand his workshop with more forges so he can have bigger classes and attract more people to visit the area and learn about blacksmithing.

Iain has also been featured several times on the hit show River Cottage Australia on The Lifestyle Channel on Foxtel.

In the first series he handmade a chef’s knife for both the Australian host Paul West and the British founder of the original River Cottage series Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

This publicity alone had been enough to keep him busy with orders for chef’s knives over the past year.

His Damascus blade knives have proved popular at shows including Narooma Huntfest where he exhibited this year.

Iain will be taking some unique items to the International Cutler’s Exhibition including a Viking axe head that he was sure would generate interest.

For from being a dying art form, blacksmithing was becoming increasing popular as people were interested in making artistic and decorative pieces out of forged metal, as well as more practical items such as knives.