Water spouts and mini-tornado at Wallaga Lake

NAROOMA High School student Nadine Hunter spotted and photographed several water spouts on the ocean off Wallaga Lake and also on the lake itself.

The Year 12 student said she spotted the water spouts while on the school bus at 3.50pm this afternoon and there was also a miniature tornado at Fairhaven when one of the spouts made landfall.

The school children believed there were as many as six of the water spouts, but it was unclear whether they were seeing the same ones.

"The sky was very black," Nadine said.

Reports have come in on the Narooma News Facebook page from other sightings in the area.

Gavin Stanford commented: "They looked unreal near Camel Rock."

While Tania Patterson also spotted the multiple water spouts from the Bermagui headland. "Watched them move north from Bermi headland."

The weather phenomenon resulted from an advancing storm front as the skies turned black at around 3pm on Monday.

If you spotted these spouts and tornado, email us the photos at stan.gorton@fairfaxmedia.com.au