Bream targeted by haul netters on Brou Lake

REPORTS have come in to the Narooma News regarding some pretty effective haul netting of black bream on the recently opened Brou Lake north of Narooma.

Recreational fishers who spotted the pro boats on the lake have been talking about the amount of fish netted at local tackle shops, angered by the practice.

A call has been placed to DPI Fisheries to see if Fisheries officers had been out to the lake to monitor the situation.

A spokeswoman for DPI said the lake was approved for estuary general hauling and that the licenced commercial fishermen had been inspected and okayed by local Fisheries officers. 

Bermagui Fisherman’s Cooperative manager Rocky Lagana confirmed that pro fishers had come down from as far Wollongong to target the black bream that congregated at the entrance to the lake once it was opened last week.

Reports that a  tuna bin may have been borrowed to hold the fish and allow the pro fishers to slurry down the bream catch was not true however.

The haul netters were not doing anything illegal and it was standard practice for the pro fisherman to travel to lakes where fish such as black bream congregated.

This fishing for the bream in Brou Lake would now most likely be over as did not take long for the fish to move out of the system and into the ocean.

Mr Lagana confirmed the co-op in recent days had processed significant numbers of black bream sending them onto the fish markets in Sydney and Melbourne where they typically should fetch between $7 to $14 a kilo whole fish depending on size and volume at the market.