Bowling green agreement at Club Dalmeny

THE Narooma Sporting and Services Club has entered into an agreement with the Club Dalmeny sub-clubs to provide and maintain two bowling greens and the croquet court to championship standard.

Agreement was reached after a number of meetings with the newly formed Dalmeny Users Committee and the board and management of the NSSC.

The period of the Agreement is from October 1, 2014 to December 31, 2015.

The sub-clubs that have signed the agreement are the Dalmeny Men’s Bowling Club, the Dalmeny Women’s Bowling Club and the Narooma Croquet Club.

The agreement also applies to the Tradies bowls competition, Bare foot bowls and Twilight bowls.

Club Championships, Carnivals and Pennant are exempt.

To cover the cost of maintaining the outdoor infrastructure at Club Dalmeny the Sub Clubs have agreed to increase their green fee by $2 per game per player for bowls and $2 per Narooma Croquet Player per Club day. Also a target of minimum of 6,000 games per year has been set. This target has been exceeded over the last two years.

“We believe it is a win-win outcome for Club Dalmeny and the NSSC Sports Committee will be working with all sub-clubs both at Club Dalmeny and Club Narooma to increase the number of members playing bowls and croquet,” NSSC president Graham Reeve said.