Benjamin Safari surfs big swell at Narooma: Photos

A HEFTY eight-foot swell rolling into Narooma today had local surfers out riding the waves at Kianga Headland.

Among the surfers was Dave Ingram aka Benjamin Safari, who faked his own death a couple of years ago in the Nullabor with an alleged shark attack but that’s a whole different story.

Also there was his good friend Robyn Burbidge who said another local surfer earlier in the morning copped his board in the face making a hole that he had to go and get stitched up.

“It wasn’t good, it was fun,” Dave said about the wave conditions.

The swell is expected to even bigger tomorrow and the surfers would be back no doubt checking out.

The surfers on Friday morning joked that they didn’t need a tow-in assist and local Narooma big wave surfer Tony Lawson is away on holiday otherwise he would have probably been out there too with his Jetski.

Back to Dave, he adopted the name Benjamin Safari during his epic walk along the coastline from Sydney to Perth that took him six years to complete in several stages.

Dave says he is still putting together the movie of the walk and it could be another year before the film and associated photo diary book would be ready to publish.

His next dream? Sailing around the world, which might sound ambitious but knowing Dave it just might happen…

In the meantime, the Benjamin Safari character after being killed off by the shark now mostly only makes a rare appearance such as in Friday’s big swell at Narooma.

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