Fishing report for Far South Coast: Sept. 3

NOT much fishing over the past week due to the big seas and ongoing rain, but thank goodness for all our contributing fishos who sent in some pretty interesting catches from far and wide.

Thanks for sending them in!

I did manage on Sunday evening to go to my favourite and secret special spot for a couple of nice fat bream that happened to be spawning.

These big fish around the 35cm mark are probably over 20 years old and well worth releasing back to their home range.

Coincidentally there was interesting post on the NSW DPI Facebook page about research using acoustic tags on bream in NSW estuaries, which has shown that yellowfin bream display small residences or home ranges.

From these areas they make feeding and breeding migrations, but interestingly they possess the ability to locate their original residences following these excursions.

This means that if you think that you are recapturing the same fish from the same snag at your favourite fishing spot, there is a good chance that you actually are!

Bream are typically diurnal, meaning that they are more active during the day with obvious peaks in activity associated with day time high tides. More bream research results to come…!

This work was undertaken through the NSW Coastal and Estuarine Fish Tracking (CEFT) Project – a partnership between NSW DPI, the University of NSW and NSW recreational fishers (with funds provided by the NSW Recreational Fishing Saltwater Trust, the Australian Research Council, and NSW DPI).

Back to the fishing, with more warm days likely to come, try targeting flathead sunning themselves in the shallows and there should be some good gutters forming after these recent storms! - Stan


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