Fishing report for Far South Coast: Oct 8

AS spring weather starts to improve, so does the fishing. Most of the better action at the moment remains to the north around the offshore reefs between Potato Point and Tuross Head.

Local charter boats and plenty of recreational boats have been bagging good sized snapper up to 3.5kg and plenty of mowies, pigfish, nannygai and flathead. Some of the better fish have been taken on strips of fresh nanygai and squid.

Good catches of tiger and sand flathead continue to be caught between the Narooma bar and Montague Island, but in some places the undersize flatties outnumber the legal fish by 10:1.

Montague Island continues to be fairly quiet for those chasing good sized snapper, but it should only be a couple of weeks before the spawning finishes and the snapper will start to feed.

A school of 50-55cm kingfish made a quick stop-over at Montague Island last Thursday and Friday, the crew on the charter boat ‘Sheriff’ trolled up a couple of these ‘rat’ kings as they travelled south.

This time of year travelling schools of kingfish are detected by flocks of mutton birds flying low and stopping, when these birds stop and then look under the water and repeat this action there is a fair chance that there is a school of pelagic fish beneath them.

These schools (and the tell-tale birds) can travel between 5-6 knots so trolling a lure is the only real way to catch them.

With the water starting to head towards 17c and the current running from the north for the last few days, things are looking good for fishing in the next few weeks.

There’s also some ‘Good news and bad news’. The bad news is that there are a few tackle stealing 'Chinamans Leatherjackets' around again. The good news is that some are up to 30cm long and they make excellent eating.

Whale season is now in full swing as they head south for the warmer months.

Local charter boats are providing great opportunities to see these beautiful animals up close. Contact Narooma Tourist Information Centre on 4476 2783 to make a booking.

Fishing tip of the week: Avoid using stainless steel fishing hooks, normal hooks rust out quickly and cause minimal damage to escaped/released fish.

Fishing joke of the week: Fred said to Ed: What’s the biggest fish you’ve caught.

Ed: Have you seen the CD of Jaws

Fred: Yeah

Ed: My biggest fish is about the size of the CD box

Fishing Soap Box:  It’s less than 4 weeks until the changes to the fishing bag limits come in. Make sure you know what the changes are, either ‘Google’: NSW Fisheries bag limit change, or visit one of our local bait and tackle shops

- John Moore

Salmon sessions

DASH at the Narooma Ocean Hut Compleat Angler is reporting more good sessions on magical Wagonga Inlet with salmon and tailor showing up for the party.

On two separate occasions the pelagics of Wagonga decided to come on the chew, with the second time being right on the tide change.

Although either of the bites didn't last very long it was red hot "fish-a-cast" action while it did.

It was a case of the "apprentice becoming the master", as new soft plastics apprentice Richard (top), showed the master Hippie (bottom) how it's done during the second bite.

As for Dash himself, well apparently he makes a great "Net Boy"!

Dash reports that Barlows Bay, the main body above Ringlands point and the entrance to Forsters Bay were the most productive.

Stop in and see the boys at the Ocean Hut for the latest advice!


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