Shark tales: Mako shark contains dolphin skull

THERE’S been a few sharky encounters off the Narooma and Bermagui area including a mako shark containing a dolphin skull.

Professional fisherman Jason Moyce of Bermagui last week caught a big 200kg mako shark that when cut open revealed a half-digested dolphin skull.

This apparently was quite a surprise and not the most pleasant experience.

Apparently the mako was all scarred up, from the fight with dolphins or some other mishap, who knows.

Speaking of not pleasant, he also reported someone killed a whaler shark just so they can get its jaws and picture taken, then just dumped the 100kg body next to the bins at the boat ramp.

More recently they also caught and released a baby or juvenile great white shark as required by law as they are a protected species.

Narooma charter boat Playstation and its clients meanwhile had a few shark encounters of their own on Saturday.

Skipper Nick Cowley reported an unreal day at Tuross snapper fishing with a box of snapper and mowies, as well as some toothy visitors.

They also got a 35kg mako shark on light spin gear, 20lb leader, and a gummy shark then a 60kg blue shark that they realised what it was at the last moment!

And all of this follows our story of a small mako shark swimming into Dalmeny Lake with a hook and fishing line trailing from its mouth.