Marine Rescue to train at Narooma bar crossing

MARINE Rescue NSW is holding a combined training exercise at Narooma this Saturday, January 17.

The exercise will consist of vessels from Narooma and Tuross units, including the two rescue boats Narooma 30 and Tuross 20, as well as four Jet Skis - Narooma 11, 12, 13 and Tuross 13.

All vessels will be training off the southern end of Bar Beach Narooma commencing at 9am for approximately 2 hours.

The aim of the exercise is twofold.

Firstly, it will test the capabilities of each Marine Rescue unit during incidents involving conscious and unconscious casualties in the water from simulated boating incidents on Narooma Bar.

Secondly, it will achieve Marine Rescue accreditation for a member of Narooma unit as a Jet Ski operator.

All other members will be being assessed as to their competence in a range of skills and qualifications.

The exercise will conclude with a debriefing session and barbecue at the Mill Bay boat ramp planned for 11:30am.