The wet weather plagues bowlers

Social Bowls Winners Circle

Wednesday, March 15 – A rain free day and 48 bowlers (8 rinks triples) nominated for the monthly Jackpot day. The bowlers were lucky indeed to get in a rain-free day given the conditions experienced lately and they certainly made the most of it. 

The winners on the day were decided by the team with the lowest winning score and that team consisted of Allan Chisholm, Rod Holman and Peter Jones, with 19 shots, over, John Downie, Leigh Falkiner and Tony Palmer, 16 shots.

Runners-up were, John Hardy, Peter Sims and Jay Breust, 22 shots, over, P. Dillon, Larry Hardingham and Ray Gale 17 shots.

The Jackpot Draw was then carried out to determine the shot margin required to claim the $180 Jackpot.

The shot margin needed was 11 shots and the side to achieve that was, Peter Pickett, Gerry Harvey and Keith Pickett. Very well done on a great effort. 

The earliest resting toucher prize went to Tony Gors at 1319hrs.

Saturday and Sunday, both suffered the same problem, someone had left the sky high taps running. With a bit of luck we may get some good bowling weather soon. So let’s hope the sun comes out shining very soon.

Until next time, this is Jaik and Ditch Rink signing off.