Letters to the editor, June 21, 2017.

Vale Patrick John Stanley Fletcher: His mother Barbara Wills has submitted a moving poem to the Narooma News in his memory.

Vale Patrick John Stanley Fletcher: His mother Barbara Wills has submitted a moving poem to the Narooma News in his memory.

A poem from a mother

It is so hard sometimes to survive between the living and the dead.

Between the things and people that have helped heal you

And the things and people that keep you broken.

between the old person that you were, and the new one that has been born.

Out of the darkest moment of your existence comes a silence no-one can fill or understand.

You left me, then I drowned for such a long time, then I grew all over again, now I am ...

11 years today have passed since you died my son, and a lot has changed around me, for me and within me 

Memories have been created.

Memories have been lost.

Within the trauma of one’s journey they lay floating somewhere within the walls of time.

Trauma is unkind, and takes just as much as time does.

In the depths of my darkness I have learnt to let you go, and understand that for you all that should be is.

This is you're journey ...

You were, are, far to perfect to go anywhere but to a peaceful place,

Where you're laughter never ends and you're heart is always whole;

Where you have a understanding of what happened, and are at peace with it , and all that surrounds it ...

As your mother, this is extremely important to me.

You are brave, you are kind, you are smart, you are loved, you are important and you are irreplaceable ...

And I am so proud of you.

You are missed in a way words cannot express.

So keep being you in the happy place, where your laughter and peace of heart are free.

And I will do my best

Not to die a little more inside as every year passes.

And brings me that little bit closer to you in spirit ...

You are my first born son

You are one of the very few loves of my life

And I am so sad that you had to die.

But bad things happen to beautiful people

And this happened to you.

I hope you are okay.

I will love you forever, even when I die.

Barbara Wills


(In memory of her son, Patrick John Stanley Fletcher, who was killed in a tragic farm accident on June 18, 2006.)

Tribute to Doctor Doust

Congratulations to Dr Ken Doust, who finally has retired.

He worked until nearly 90 years old and is really to be admired.

For the dedication he gave his profession, some others could take a valuable lesson.

He stood by the oath and gave his all; he is a man who certainly, can stand tall.

This community owes you a lot, so, thank you, Ken Doust, for being on the spot, soothing people in sorrow and woe, with complaints which ranged from head to toe.

Only one doctor served Narooma area 40 years ago, with people queuing to get in, so movement was quite slow.

Then Dr Pipett opened in Dalmeny, but he didn’t stay long. Dr Doust took over and made the practice strong.

Moving to the Blue House where he stayed until now, a much needed addition to the town, can Ken Doust please take a bow.

He is now part of Narooma’s history, where progress in the field is no longer a mystery, now doctors abound where none were before and nobody needs to queue at the door.

The population is now booming, let’s hope there is no shortage looming.

I hope your retirement will be blessed and you enjoy a well earned rest.

Myfanwy Drury Deadman



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