Narooma area combined lawn bowls report

GREEN QUEENS: Pictured at the Far South Coast District Women's Bowls Association combined match at Club Narooma are Narooma bowlers Lorraine Mitchell, Gail Riley and Gail Palmer with Dalmeny's Maureen McKenzie, Anne Luke and Chris Hansen.
GREEN QUEENS: Pictured at the Far South Coast District Women's Bowls Association combined match at Club Narooma are Narooma bowlers Lorraine Mitchell, Gail Riley and Gail Palmer with Dalmeny's Maureen McKenzie, Anne Luke and Chris Hansen.

Narooma Men’s Bowls

Social Bowls Winner’s Circle

WEDNESDAY. 12-07-2017. Another day another good roll-up of bowlers, 42 in total (7 rinks triples). The winners on the day were decided by the team with the lowest winning score. Peter Hattam, Gerry Harvey and Peter Pickett, drew with Graham Cummins, Dennis Maggs and Brian Seaman, 16 shots each, but Peter and his side won 11 ends to Brians 10, so were declared the winners. Runners-up were Scott Kennedy, Tony Cobcroft and Jim Grant, with 19 shots, over Leigh Falkiner, Wazza George and Peter Robson with 18 shots. The earliest resting toucher prize of the day, went to, Tony Fryer achieving the feat at 1315 hrs.

SATURDAY. 15-07-2017. A small total of only 24 bowlers (6 rinks pairs) entered for the afternoon Jack-Pot Joker Pairs, of which four were visitors. The winners on the day were decided by the team with the lowest winning score, and that team was Junior and Keith Bowater, with 22 shots, over Brett Graham and Jon Voytas 16. Runners-up were Jeff McCusker and Barry Dicker (visitor) 27 shots over Neale Fraser and Ken Burrows 12. The lucky rink draw was then carried out to determine the winning skip on that rink (7), and have him cut the deck of cards in an attempt to turn up the Joker and claim the $240 Jack-Pot. But he was only able to come up with the 4 of Diamonds, so an extra $20 is added to the pot making it $260 in total for next time. So get your nominations in.

SUNDAY. 16-07-2017. Way to go Sunday Bowlers, 24 (4 rinks triples) turned up for the Arvo's Joe's Special Mixed Bowls. With the winners being Denise Holman,  Merrie Downie and Pat Wood 17 shots over, Linda Johanson, Rachael Smith and Harry Johanson 11 shots. So Sunday Bowlers  keep up the big numbers.

Club Triples Semi Final

The match between Peter Townend, Peter Hattam and Keith Pickett against Warren Bender, John Downie and Tony Palmer resulted in a win for Keith and his men. Score unknown, as both skips lost their pencils.

Minor Pairs Championship Matches

Jim Grant and Brian Seaman defeated Jon Voytas and Tony Palmer 17 shots to 14. The match between Alan Chisholm and Jeff Isles and Rod Holman and Peter Jones ended in a win for Alan and Jeff 15 shots to 14.

Until next time this is "Jaik & Ditch Rink" signing off.

Narooma Women’s Bowls

A chilly start to a day which was bathed in bright sunshine for bowlers last Tuesday morning. A good roll-up again to play three games of triples, Merrie Downie and Barb McNamara sharing their game.

Jan Rapkins, Sue Wales and Mavis Hardy (skip) found themselves in the winner's circle following their game against Denise Holman, Tanya Burr and Jean Vos (skip). After gaining an early lead Mavis' team was able to increase their advantage for their win and they were then being drawn for the lucky rink prize.

Gail Riley managed to win the raffle for the second week in a row.  Best wishes for a Happy Birthday tomorrow go to Dawn Kenny – have a great day Dawn.

Life Member Pairs also got under way last Tuesday when Gail Palmer and Gail Riley met Margaret Naylor and Sandra Breust.  Marg and Sandra showed good form early then the 'Gails' responded, scoreboard six all. Good play from both teams continued and level at ten all, then eleven all. Then, applying the pressure in the final ends, Marg and Sandra took the match and now progress to the next round.   

Clare Cork and Helen Donovan combined against Pam Grant and Bev Bowater in the other first round match, played on Thursday.  Clare and Helen led early but Pam and Bev took the lead after six ends and although the match stayed close throughout they maintained the lead to run out winners by three shots.

Notice – Don't forget that next Tuesday is our Annual Charity Day.  Put your name down and come along for a fun day of Joe's Special Mixed bowls (2 x 11 ends), raffles, 50 Club. Morning tea 10am – Bitmoregrass

Dalmeny Men’s Bowls

A fine clear sunny Monday afternoon saw 39 bowlers on No.1 green with secret ends deciding the winners on 12 in Shark Finn, Cobber Dudley and the Macedonian Illya from the runners-up on 9 in Browny Brian, Pete the Pom and another Pete who hits Holdens. The first resting toucher went to Barry Leg-inter and the jackpot $39 was not claimed. The wrong bias sinners were Islander Ron with 2 ahead of Ex.PM Neil with 1 while the raffle prizes were shared by Golden Arches Alan (2) who thankfully sent it round again for Dudley, Punter Alan and Towelling Lewis. Sorry to hear our great bowling mate Jeff Loudon is not travelling too well and look forward as he does, to his expected recovery and back on the green very soon.

Another fine but cool windy Thursday saw 35 bowlers including visitors from Ballarat in Linda and Harry Yohannsen on No.1 green with the lowest winning margin as the game decider which saw winners on 1 in Violin-playing Comic’s boy Ken, and the Badrim couple Cheryl and Richard from the runners-up on 6 on a countback in Scarf-man Jack and the Foot-sen couple Christine and Finn. No resting toucher was scored nor was the $233 jackpot won. The wrong bias sinners included Nan Maureen, Dipper Ron, Hi-ain’t MacGregor and Garry L-rentacar while the raffle prizes went to visitor Harry (2), both Finn and Chef Keith (2) but kindly sending it round again for Lois, Pat Cameron’s sister and Cheryl. Our thoughts are with two great club members and cobbers of mine in Eunice and Dudley Drake after their car accident yesterday and wish them both a speedy recovery.

The semi-final round of the men’s club triples championship had two similar games with Junior’s team of Account Drury and Graham or Brett having an even start with their opponents Shark Finn, Cobber Dudley (great to see him recovered enough not to let his team down) and Punter Alan being 6-all at the 11th end then being left behind with a 7/17 scoreline at the 18th end before Alan’s team finished the game 22/12 winners at the 25th end. The other game between Bruce Cover-outs, Cobber Peter and Barry Leg-bury and a couple of Wayne’s, Hometon and B-perch and Par Budin which saw Barry’s team leading 6/1 at the 5th end but soon down 6/7 at the 7th which is where Buzz’s team stayed being 13/7 down at the 12th before getting back to 13/10 at the 14th after which Barry raced away scoring 16/3 to finish winners 29/13 at the 23rd end. Well done to all and watch out for a great final in 2 weeks-time due to the Dalmeny Carnival next week.

Dalmeny Women’s Bowls

After a chilly night, a beautiful day dawned when we could play bowls in our shirt-sleeves and needed our sunnies.  Winners, decided by shots-up, were lead Judy Betts, second Chris Hansen and skip Barbara Pearce. Glen Pisanos, Anne Luke and Maureen McKenzie were runners-up. Margie Brown’s bowl killed the spider and Maureen McKenzie scored a resting toucher, again. Maureen McKenzie and Glen Pisanos, who both really did have an excellent day, won the lucky raffle prizes. Congratulations to all bowlers who enjoyed the day.

Recently, Dalmeny has hosted some district events. Thanks go to the organisers and workers on those days and also to the club staff who prepare the greens and look after the club so well. We are indeed the friendly club. A coming event is the final of the Championship Triples to be played on Tuesday, July 25. Best of luck to the participants. LGO.

Croquet News

Thursday July 13th.

Golf Results:

Peg Terry 7 v Janet Jones 3;

Ken Cole 7 v Delma Taylor 3;

Zara White, Peg Terry 0 v Bryn Waterman, Janet Jones 7;

Bryn Waterman, Peg Terry 5 v Delma Taylor, Edna Falkiner 7;

Ken Cole, Janet Jones 7 v Zara White, Melva Horsington 1.

Saturday July 15th.

Golf Results:

Peg Terry 2 v Janet Jones 7;

Peg Terry 3 v Janet Jones 7;

Peg Terry 3 v Janet Jones 7;

Peg Terry 4 v Janet Jones 7.

Claim the Dates:

AGM Sunday 30th July plus General Meeting 11am Club Dalmeny Venue. Nominations are now being called. Nomination sheets available in Club room Office.

Association Singles Championships 1st-31 August. Registrations list on club notice board.

Golf Croquet Singles Championships 9th August. Registrations list on club notice board.

Play is now available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (or Sundays by arrangement between players) from 9am till 1pm. Note: Wednesdays are no-play due to greenkeepers work required.


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