Have a say on marine parks management

Australia is surrounded by magnificent oceans and a marine environment that is the envy of the world.

Our marine parks are distinctive and diverse, home to marine life found nowhere else.

Five draft plans have been released to manage 44 Australian Marine Parks over the next 10 years.

You can have your say on how we will manage our marine parks into the future.

Our marine parks protect important marine habitats and species.

They also support people’s livelihoods and the Australian lifestyle. They provide places for people to watch wildlife, dive and snorkel, go boating, and fish. They create jobs in industries like fishing and tourism, and are a source of food and energy.

Australian Marine Parks recognised our oceans as a shared resource -– protecting our environment and supporting the sustainability of our fishing industry and the communities whose livelihoods rely on it.

I’d encourage everyone to take a look at these five plans my team at Parks Australia have put together.

This is your chance to influence how we’ll manage a large area of our marine environment over the next 10 years. We want to hear from you, all of you. It’s your passion that will make marine parks work for everyone.

Australian Marine Parks (also known as Commonwealth marine reserves) were established in 2012 to protect our oceans. This was a significant contribution to Australia’s marine parks which now cover more than 3.3 million square kilometres of ocean – that’s an area the size of India.

Before creating these plans, my team and I met with many of you from across our country. We listened to many people, fishers, conservationists, tourism operators, traditional owners and coastal communities.

These draft plans balance our commitment to protect the marine environment, while supporting a sustainable fishing industry, promoting tourism and providing cultural, recreational and economic benefits for coastal communities.

Parks are in Commonwealth waters that start at the outer edge of state and territory waters, generally no less than three nautical miles (5.5 km) from the shore, and extend to the outer boundary of Australia’s exclusive economic zone, 200 nautical miles (about 370 km) from the shore. Visit www.parksaustralia.gov.au/marine.

Sally Barnes, Director of National Parks


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