Tesla battery power system installed at Narooma

The first Tesla battery systems are starting to be installed in homes in the Narooma area, offering homeowners the chance to be self-sustaining when it comes to their power needs.

The batteries store the power generated by roof-top solar panels during the day and then homeowners can access that power during the night, making them less reliant on the power grid.

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The batteries are not cheap generally costing around $3000 to $11,000 depending the battery unit and house site. Homeowners also need to have their photovoltaic solar panels in place or installed to generate electricity.

Local electrical company owner Cameron Rowley is the Tesla agent for the Narooma area and has already installed three of the units, with more to come.

“It’s the way of the future for sure,” Mr Rowley said. “They generally get up to 14kw of free storage power, which is usually enough to meet the needs of a home’s nightly power usage.”

The first Narooma wall-mounted Tesla unit was purchased by John and Sandra Doyle, who were involved in the organising of the first Narooma Renewable Energy Expo put on by the local Rotary Club at the Narooma Sport and Leisure Centre in November last year.

“We were talking to Cameron at the last expo and he showed us the new way of doing things,” Mrs Doyle said. “It’s way you can help the environment and save on power bills, which as we all know are going up all the time.”

The inaugural energy expo was such a success that the Narooma Rotary Club is planning a second event, this time for Saturday, November 25.

Instead of being over two days, organisers decided on one day, although the dinner and guest speakers will also be on that night at Club Narooma.

Mrs Doyle said there had been expressions of interest from about 20 renewable energy potential stallholders so far, but anyone else interested in exhibiting can contact her via email at secretary@naroomarotary.org.au 

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