Bowls reports from Narooma, Dalmeny

NAROOMA WOMEN: Runners up Gail Riley (skip), Gail Palmer, Denise Holman and Clare Cork congratulate the winners of the NWBC Fours Margaret Naylor, Sue Wales, Barbara McNamara and Dawn Kenny (skip).
NAROOMA WOMEN: Runners up Gail Riley (skip), Gail Palmer, Denise Holman and Clare Cork congratulate the winners of the NWBC Fours Margaret Naylor, Sue Wales, Barbara McNamara and Dawn Kenny (skip).

Narooma Men's Bowls

Social Bowls Winners Circle

Wednesday, Aug. 2: Another roll-up of 44 bowlers(6rinks triples & 2 pairs) nominated for the afternoon social bowls, with the winners on the day being decided by lucky rinks. The lucky rink that was drawn out, was rink 9, & the winners were, Peter Hattam & Peter Pickett, with 31 shots over Tony Cobcroft & Jim Grant,with 31 shots in reverse.

Runners-up were, at long last, Allan Chisholm, Rod Holman & Peter Jones (finally) 24 shots, over Dave Caldwell, Greg Riley & Jon Voytas 14 shots. The resting toucher prize never went off as no-one was on target.

Saturday, Aug. 5: You Beauty, 28 bowlers ( 7 rinks pairs) nominated for the afternoon Jack-Pot Joker, worth $280. The days winners were decided by the team with the lowest winning margin. The team to achieve that feat with a margin of only 1was Graham Cummins & Tony Palmer 22 shots over the former Paper Boys Garry Evans & Paul Read with 21 shots.

A lucky rink draw was then carried out to determine the who the was winning skip on that rink to cut the deck of cards in an attempt to turn up The Joker & claim the Jack-Pot of $280 but only succeeded in coming up with 7 of Hearts, so next time the Jack-Pot will be worth$300 & 1 card less in the deck.

Next Saturday 12/8 there will only be 1 green available as the Zone Rookies Singles are being played so there may  have to be some triples matches played . Until next time this "Jaik & Ditch Rink" signing off. 

Narooma Women’s Bowls

Another lovely winters day last Tuesday saw twenty-one bowlers on the green for two games of triples and two rinks playing pairs.  Welcome to Vonnie Moody and to Maureen Findlay who shared a game with Helen Donovan.. 

Winners for the day were Jan Rapkins, Gail Palmer and Pat Wood (skip) following their game against Vonnie Moody, Sue Bender and Mavis Hardy (skip).  A close game most of the way before Pat's team finishing on a high to claim victory.

Very special birthday greetings and best wishes to Pat Wood who celebrated yesterday.  Hope you had a wonderful day Pat!  Annette Linney won the raffle prize.

Club Fours

The final of the Club Fours competition was played on Thursday, a windy, cold morning, on a heavy green with further rain forecast.  Both teams played it close in the early stages before Clare Cork, Denise Holman, Gail Palmer and Gail Riley (skip) led with  a handy advantage for the following section.  Margaret Naylor, Sue Wales, Barbara McNamara and Dawn Kenny (skip) found their form again and were able to fight back to take the lead and then held off a late response by Gail Riley's ladies.  Congratulations to Dawn's team on winning the Club Fours Championship for 2017 and to Gail's team for their good bowls throughout.    

Perpetual Mixed Pairs

The Perpetual Mixed Pairs was held on Friday, making this a busy week around the greens.  Following heavy rain overnight the day was lovely and sunny for the twenty-four teams competing for the day's prizes.  At the end of play only three teams had won all their games.

Mr Graham Reeve, President of Narooma Sporting and Services Club presented the prizes.  Third place – Beverley and Keith Bowater from Narooma; second place – Brian Seaman and Dawn Kenny, Narooma.  First place and also winners of the Perpetual Shield for 2017 was awarded to Pat Barklam and Barry Lymbery from Dalmeny Bowling Club.

Congratulations to the winners!  Thanks to the NSSC for their sponsorship and to the staff for their support and assistance.  Thanks also to the Narooma ladies club for their hard work and morning and afternoon tea.  To the match organisers, the umpires and greenkeepers and to Warren for his assistance.  Another great day.  – Bitmoregrass 

Dalmeny Men’s Bowls

Whether they liked it or not, all bowlers felt washed out of their Monday bowls.  And the feeling continued on Thursday due to the weather forecast which sadly proved correct for once and put an early end to the 27 bowlers who had hoped for a better outcome, making sure that “lucky rinks” was game decider which saw the winners in a swinging Dr. McKenzie’s girl Maureen, Bluey Ralph and gospeller Bob from the runners-up who scraped in by one long bowl, in Scarf-man Jack, Nan Maureen and Hook-ara Wort.

The resting toucher went to Punter Alan but the $27 jackpot was deemed not worthy of a draw. Ex.PM Neil had his usual wrong bias and the raffle prizes were won by Bob, Hi-ain’t MacGregor, twice, but thankfully sent it round again for Dipper Ron, Lloyd Raise-em, Barbara W and Cheryl Bad-rim.

It was great to see 10 interested ladies and gents turning up for Club Dalmeny’s “introduction to bowls” on   Sunday morning and we certainly hope they enjoyed the morning, the instruction and the sausage sizzle after, enough for continuing coaching in future on Mondays and to join us in our social bowls. Many thanks are due to the club’s ladies and men bowlers who turned up and provided their time and skills to those keen enough to come along and see what bowls is all about. Well done, all. 

Players are again reminded of our AGM at 10am on August 21 and that nominations for all positions are required to be properly filled in and signed on the forms available and placed in the boxes on the notice board. 

Dalmeny Ladies Bowls

It was sunny after great rain the previous day, but we did have to adjust to a tricky breeze.  The greens and our gardens gave thanks.   Dalmeny and the lake are alive with armadas of birds to herald the spring.

 It was fantastic to see our Patron Lucy back on the green and in good form after a break.  You can’t keep a good woman down!  Winners, decided by the lowest winning margin, were lead Lucy Gresty, second Robin Gourley and skip Barbara Pearce with Chris Hansen, Lyn Goldsmith and Maureen McKenzie as runners-up.  Kath Ryan was closest to the spider and Marg Laker scored a resting toucher.  Congratulations and well done to all bowlers.

The raffle prizes were taken home by Olwyn Mayer and Lois McGregor.  We wished Robin Gourley a very happy birthday.  Our best wishes for a good recuperation go to our old friend Norma Hutson; we are thinking of you.  Also best wishes go to Pat Barklem and Glen Pisanos as they convalesce after their ops. 

Coming events for the calendar include the Nader Shield, a district teams’ event on the 24th and 25th August.  The selection sheet for Dalmeny is on the board.  Our Patrons and Life Members Friendship day is on August 29 and promises to be a lot of fun.  Sign up, sign up!  Good bowling at the friendly club.  LGO.