Letters to the editor - September 6, 2017

Changing face of bush families

The Country Women’s Association Narooma branch recognizes, supports and advocates for “The Changing Face of Families in the Bush” campaign.

During CWA Awareness Week 2017, this organization is highlighting many of the challenges faced by families in regional and rural NSW.

The structure of and demands put on families in 2017 has changed significantly from previous times.

More than ever, families of all shapes and sizes need strong support. As women who have been part of or supported families, we have seen how much day-to-day life has changed and the extra pressures that brings.

In 2017, the CWA focus is on four areas - the rights of grandparents as primary carers of grandchildren; encouragement and assistance of rural and regional women starting their own small business; advocating for greater financial literacy amongst women in these areas; and building teenage girls’ resilience.

These were chosen because they are key in aiding families and women, of all ages, enjoy all that life in the 21st century brings.

As a part of this, branch members will be at Narooma Plaza, under the dome, on Saturday, September 9, from 10am–2pm.

Come buy a cake from 10am, learn a craft or bring that craft question at 11am; sing the old songs at the sing- a-long and discover what CWA can do for you and you for it.

Joanne King

President Narooma CWA

Little Yuin’s Lea

The preschool in the trees overlooking Wallaga Lake is saying good bye to Lea Sutherland, someone special, who has consistently nurtured and welcomed all children, their community and many visitors who have been privileged to spend time at Little Yuin Preschool.

I remember feeling that special welcome and the joyful sense of play that Lea and her staff were able to provide for the children over the years.

Despite the many challenges they faced the preschool thrived.

It was a great joy to work with them as one of their many volunteer supporters in recent years.

It is wonderful to see the children move on into schools with confidence and pride in their culture and identity.

Well done Lea and all the best for your future.

Beth Wilson


No open door

On a national broadcast last week it was proposed that the Australian government wants to give the Indonesian government $300 million to build 10 new Balis for Aussies to use for holidays.

Up pops our Eurobodalla Shire Council Mayor, pushing the point that if the government wants to spend money, then pristine Eurobodalla is the place to invest.

That’s all well and good, except there was absolutely no mention of what she plans to do with our already failing infrastructure that doesn’t cope at all well with existing volumes of tourist traffic.

The major issue a lot of us see is how do you get people to invest in a tourism future in this shire when every time someone proposes something along those lines it gets shot down by the green-minority, civil-libber, do-gooders, together with certain council staff.

In the last 10 years, we have seen developers of all form just totally give up and move to other areas with their ideas.

Everything from concerts, aged-care facilities, water-based activities, Huntfest and the like have come up against it.

Pete Ward


RETIRING: Little Yuin preschool director Lea Sutherland and a class of youngsters, who will be sad to see her retire in December. A reader will also miss her.

RETIRING: Little Yuin preschool director Lea Sutherland and a class of youngsters, who will be sad to see her retire in December. A reader will also miss her.


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