Council investigates new driveway at Black Bream Point, Narooma

A complaint has been made to Eurobodalla Shire Council about a new driveway being built on a property on Wagonga Inlet at Narooma with concerns about runoff of sediment into the waterway.

But the owner of Black Bream Point Holiday Cabins on Riverview Road, Matt Davey said the driveway project had the necessary development approval and every step has been taken to reduce the chance of material from the roadworks washing into the inlet.

Since the complaint was made, the number of silt screens off the roadway had been increased significantly and now totalled hundreds of metres, he said.

“I’m passionate about protecting the inlet and we have done everything we can to make sure that any impact is limited,” Mr Davey said. “We all rely on a pristine inlet for fishing and our great oysters and we have healthy seagrass in our bay.”

A council spokesperson said the council had been investigating the concerns raised about potential pollution from recent construction work at Black Bream Point.

“Council officers notified the contractor when the initial complaint was received, and have undertaken two site inspections,” the spokespersons said.

“They are working with both the contractor and the property owner to ensure that the required measures relating to sediment and erosion controls are in place.

“These measures are to ensure that the site mitigates any potential pollution impacts to the inlet and that the development is in accordance with the consent.”

Mr Davey said the roadworks had reached the stage where the roadway was now down to clay and a layer of gravel would be added in the next couple of weeks with the project due to be complete within a month.