Narooma district bowls results

Dalmeny Women's Bowls: Drawn fours event winners Olwyn Mayer, Enid Brooker, Jan Jones and Lyn Dunbar.
Dalmeny Women's Bowls: Drawn fours event winners Olwyn Mayer, Enid Brooker, Jan Jones and Lyn Dunbar.

Dalmeny Women

It was a beautiful day with a pleasant breeze, so there was plenty of action on the scenic Dalmeny greens. We welcomed Sylvia Barham back to bowl and she showed she hasn’t lost the touch.

The final round of the Drawn Fours event was played in the best competitive spirit, with Olwyn Mayer, Enid Brooker, Jan Jones and Lyn Dunbar the victors. Congratulations!  Winners of the day were Judy Betts and Marg Carpenter; runners-up were Lyn Goldsmith and Pat Barklem.  Everyone was distant from the spider but Marg Brown won the prize after a long measure. Pat Barklem scored another resting toucher. Well done to all bowlers. The raffles were taken home by Gabby Cheel and Kathy Ryan.

The Consistency event is in the throes of battle. The sign-up sheets for the Minor Singles and the Novice Singles are on the board.  Diary dates are November 14th for Past Presidents Day and December 13th for our Christmas Party. It is all happening at the friendly club.

Dalmeny Men

Our KV man Clive was in charge of the cards on a fine Monday afternoon only disrupted by the constant swirling breeze and Clive’s 3-point 7-ends competition that had many as confused as the conditions explained by the man-in-charge.

Nevertheless 37 bowlers hit the green where the winners on 2-1/2 points were Bruce Cover-kins, Barry Arminter and Steal Coulson from the runners-up on a 5-way count-back on 2 points but with 24 shots-up were Hottie Smith, Bluey Ralph and gospeller Bob. No resting toucher was recorded nor was the $380 jackpot, won. The wrong bias sinners jar was increased by Snoopy Leigh’s regular donation and the raffle prizes went to the regular faces of Golden Arches Alan, Account Gourley, Punter Alan and of course Ralph scored the 6-pack. It was terrific to see the very trim Jeff Loudon joining us to say hello prior to the game for a chat and hopefully the doctors will get on top of his problems soon. 

As with last Thursday for 34 bowlers, although everyone wanted some rain, it stayed away until night-time and under the guidance of KV Clive once again secret ends decided the winners on 13 in Snoopy Leigh, Cobber Peter and Chef Keith from the runners-up on 12 in the Goose, Cobber Dudley and Loquacious Lloyd. 

The resting toucher went off to Snoopy but the $395 jackpot stayed in the bag. Wrong bias sinners included Clive KV, John Verr-heaven, Macedonian Illya while Snoopy made his usual donation which sadly didn’t generate any more. Raffle prizes went to Lee Morse, Mayoress Olwyn, visitor Denise, Kath Whiskey-an and Ian East-off whose numbers came out 3 in a row and after donating 1 back he deserved the 2 he took home. On the good news market the rumour’s about that our one and only Jack Harris could be making a return next week even if it’s only for a word or 3 and a drink. 

Friday Twilight bowls had another good roll-up of 24 with the winners in John Verr-hell and the Goose, from the runners in Steal Grove and Bruce A1-kith. The first resting toucher went to Spotty Dudley and the Hippy Sticks” prize went to Bob’s girl Ellen and Sienna Marg.  Keep the numbers up and names in by 4.45pm Friday please to help organiser Dipper Ron with the cards.

In the 1st round of the “100-up” competition Shark Finn (h/c 14) was up against Shoeman Dave (h/c 12) and got away well and led all the way up to the 18th end, up 14 shots along the way but a 14/6 finish over the last 2 ends saw Dave win 101-95 at the 20th end.

In the 2nd game Punter Alan (h/c 14) got the better of Ex.PM Neil (h/c 60) leading all the way by 30 shots at the 12th, 40 at the 14th and by 66 at the 18th before going on to win 121/59.

The 3rd game was an interesting contest between Packman Ace (h/c 10) and Steal Coulson (h/c 12) being fairly even up to the 10th end with only 4 shots between them before Steal pulled away leading by 20 and cut back to 12 at the 17th end before a 15/5 finish to win 106/84 at the 19th end. Well done to all contestants and to the full green of challenges next week-end. 

Narooma Men

There was a good turnout on Wednesday with 42 bowlers making up seven rinks of triples. The Maggsy Draw was lowest winning margin and this week the winners were Leigh Falkiner, Wazza George and Tony Palmer (skip) who were down eight to 11 after 11 ends and then they got a couple of lucky shots in to win their match against Wazza Bender, John Downie and David Hosken (skip) 19 to 16. Second place went to Peter Hattam, Peter Pickett and Gerry Harvey (skip) who were down five to 18 after 12 ends before they hit top form to steamroll their rivals Keith Bowater, Gerry Simmons and Col Armstrong (skip) to take the match 22 to 19.

On Saturday there was one rink of triples and two rinks of pairs with the winners, determined by lucky rinks, were Graham Cummins and Tony Palmer (skip) who were way down at three to 13 after 10 ends before they clicked into gear to take 10 of the remaining ends to win their match 25 to 16 over Tony Fryer and John Voytas (skip).

On Sunday we had three games of triples and one game of pairs enjoying a friendly game in perfect Spring conditions. What a great afternoon we had with the lucky winners this week being visitors Keith Bennetts and Steve Mitchell from Wollongong, playing with Gerry Simmons (skip) who were behind four to 11 after 11 ends before they got in the groove to take their match 15 to 12 against Erica Conkey, Graeme Smith and John Downie (skip).

Consistency: Col Armstrong made his way to the semi finals by defeating John Downie 100 to 83 after a very close tussle for the first 11 ends. Dennis Maggs and Neville Butt had a great match with Neville leading until they were level at 85 all after 18 ends before Dennis edged ahead to win the match 103 to 97.

Narooma Women

Last Tuesday 17 October saw twenty-six bowlers booked in for a game including our newest members Erica Conkey and Cindy Newell so our match organisers decided on four games of triples. Sue Wales and Maureen Findlay shared the lead position in their game to support second Denise Holman and skips (also sharing) Barb McNamara and Bev Bowater. Playing against Coral Read, Isabel Halsey and Jean Vos (skip) they had a convincing win and were later selected as the lucky rink winners. Sue Bender won the raffle prize.

Past President’s Fours commences next Thursday 2 November.


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