District bowls results October 31

Narooma Men

Social Bowls Winners’ Circle

There was a good turnout on Wednesday with 46 bowlers making up seven rinks of triples and one rink of pairs. The Maggsy Draw was lucky rinks as the rain came halfway through the afternoon with only 12 or 13 ends completed.

The winners were Don Caldwell, Greg Riley and Jon King (skip) who had a very close game for a 10 to nine win after 13 ends against Ron Douglass, Larry Hardingham and John McNamara (skip).

Second place went to visitor Don Brasington and Peter McKay (skip) who led throughout to win their match against Ken Burrows and Tony Gors (skip). Keith Pickett confirmed his recent excellent form to record a resting toucher at 1.10pm, well done Keith.

On Saturday there was one rink of triples and two rinks of pairs with the winners, determined by lucky rinks, being Tony Fryer and Col Armstrong (skip) who led 13 to five after 11 ends and just held on to take their match 18 all and 12 ends to nine against Neville Butt and Peter Jones (skip).

Second prize went to Garry Evans and Mo Hinds (skip) who led 18 to 10 after 11 ends and continued their good form to win their match 31 to 17 against Henk Koster and Paul Read (skip).

On Sunday we had a great turnout with five games of triples enjoying a friendly game in perfect spring conditions.

What a great afternoon we had with the lucky winners this week, with the highest winning score, Leo Winter, Maureen Nankervis and Paul Read (skip) who were in front 15 to eight after 11 ends and picked up some good ends to win their match 24 to 15 against Betty Blakely/Merrie Downie, Pam Grant and Peter Jones (skip).

Second prize was won by promising lead John Downie, Mavis Hardy and Tony Gors (skip) who led nine to five after 11 ends before steaming home for a 22 to eight win against Coral Read, Ken Burrows and Shirley Pilgrim (skip).

President’s Pairs

There was one game of President’s Pairs played with Shorty Smart and Keith Pickett (skip) both playing top bowls throughout to lead 14 to five after 11 ends before turning that lead into a 25 to 18 win against Warren Bender and Graham Cummins (skip).

For Your Diary

The President Pairs draw is on the board with second round matches due to be completed on or before Sunday.

Please make sure you play your Consistency game on or before the due date.

Narooma Women

A near perfect spring morning greeted social bowlers last Tuesday. Gail Riley enjoyed a good start when she won the meat raffle and Barb McNamara was happy winning the 50 Club.

Four good games out on the green, a pairs match and three rinks of triples.

Annette Linney played skip for her team mates Cindy Newell (lead) and Leila Gosper against Vonnie Moody (lead), Isabel Halsey and Helen Donovan (skip).

Scores remained close in the first half, four all after 5 ends, then six all after eight.

Annette held a two shot advantage after five more and kept the pressure on to win the game.

To Clare Cork have a Happy Birthday today, also to Merrie Downie who is celebrating on Friday.

Past Presidents Fours commences tomorrow, when two rounds are due to be played. Good bowling to all.

Dalmeny Men

On our usual fine but windy Monday afternoon 40 bowlers enjoyed these conditions where the points system decided the winners on 19-1/2 points - Tony Hand-er, the Butt of many, Nev and Windy Gale from the runners-up on 18 points in John Oarley, Browny and Peter Hit-holden.

No resting toucher was recorded nor was the $420 jackpot, won. The wrong bias sinners were the previously mentioned rolley John, Ex.PM Neil and Bluey Ralph with the raffle prizes going to the regular faces of Mayor Brian, Pat, Ron, Jim or Harold who patron-ly sent it round for the lucky Browny and Graham or Brett. 

On Thursday 34 bowlers took on the overcast and rain-threatening conditions which stayed away long enough for the last group to finish their game where once again under the guidance of KV Clive the points system decided the winners and on 21 were violin-playing comic’s boy Ken, Golden-arches Alan and that KV man of the day Clive from a count-back on 17 in Nan Maureen, Hook-ara Wort and Punter Alan.

The resting toucher went off to my cobber Dudley and the $423 jackpot was split between an earlier winner and the team that lost out on a count-back after many simple mathematical divisions only the Goose could calculate.

The only wrong bias sinner with a creditable 3 was the violin comic’s boy Ken while the raffle prizes went to Mayoress Olwyn (2) who kindly sent them around again for Cheryl, Lois, Illya and raffle organisers Barbara and Maureen.

It was really great to see Scarf-man Jack back on the green today and as the unlucky one to play against him found that he had lost none of his skill during his lay-off. Great bowling Jack. 

The Goose was in his usual form last week, and because he and mate John put out 6 sets of mats calculated 24 players which was incorrect as 2 didn’t turn up, only 22 played but a great night was had by all.

Friday Twilight bowls had another good roll-up of 22 with the unbelievable winners (as I was on the next rink) in Bob Less and Ian Didn’t-pay from the runners in Tr-rentacar Charlesworth, Mrs Hobson’s Boy Jeff and our Sienna Don.

The first resting toucher went to the Goose and the “Bodalla Hippy Sticks” was won by Spot Dudley and Ray Over-rod. Get your names in early by 4.45pm Friday please to help organiser Dipper Ron with the cards and if your name is down and you can’t make it, ring the club earliest please.

In the quarter-finals of the “100-up” competition Graham or Brett was up against Garry L-rentacar and after a 5-all start Brett shot away to lead by 18 at the 7th end before Garry closed to within 7 shots at the 10th end. Brett again increased his lead to 19 by the 17th end and ran out winner 103/86 after 19 ends.

Punter Alan got away well with a 7 on the first of his game against Bruce Cover-kins who slipped away to be 9 behind at the 12th end (I think as scorecard was a shade untidy) before showing his true form getting to 4 ahead at the 17th and going on to win 103/91at the 21st end.

Steal Coulson in his game against Barry Arminter started well and maintained the pressure on Barry being 26 shots up at the 7th and 10th ends and 25 up at the 17th before Barry’s home rush, all too late, scoring 24/6 before going down 103/96 after 20 ends.

The scorecard for the game between Shoeman Dave and Chris Silver-jones was missing at the time of this report and I can only say that Chris won as his name was inserted on the games board (enough said anyway). 

Congratulations to the winners and we look forward to a great semi-final next week-end and a full rundown of proceedings can be included in the bowls report next week. 

Dalmeny Women

It was a fine warm day with a taste of summer, when four rinks of a consistency competition and two rinks of social triples were played at the Dalmeny greens. 

Winner of the day was Pat Barklem and runners-up were Olwyn Mayer, Sylvia Barman and Lyn Dunbar. 

Maureen Nankervis was closest to the spider and Maureen McKenzie scored a resting toucher.  Congratulations to all bowlers. 

Special thanks go to Ace, Finn, Barry and Ray who were markers for the consistency competitors; great support fellas! The raffle prizes were claimed by Enid Brooker and Glen Pisanos. 

Diary dates include the Minor Singles Championship beginning on November 4th, Past Presidents Day on November 14th and the Christmas Party on December 13th.  There is a lot of fun happening at Dalmeny, the friendly club.

Tuross Head Men

The final event of the 2017 Championship season, the Consistency Singles, has started with three first round matches completed.  This is a different format of bowls with the aim trying to get as many bowls as close as possible to the jack that remains in the same position during an end.

As this is a Club event, social members are invited to play.  Two social members have played with mixed success.  Dave Carter played Peter Macdonald and Lawrie Riley played Ray Downey.

Carter had a slow start and quickly found himself struggling to bridge the gap.  In this game where 10 points are allocated for each end, any slip up is very costly.  Macdonald was playing very well and every time Carter seemed likely to bridge the gap he was able to play a crucial bowl to keep the advantage.  In the end Macdonald won 150 to 120.

Riley had more success in his game with Downey.  The early ends were very close with both players scoring well.  After 15 ends Riley led 80–70 – not a great margin in this type of game.  However, from this stage he slowly drew ahead.  He scored the majority of points over the next seven ends to set up a match-winning margin of 132–88. Downey did try to claw back the difference but he had left his run too late.  Riley won 150–110.

Alan McLeod also paid the price for having a slow start in his match with John Monks.  Monks dominated the first eight ends and raced to a 61–19 lead making it very hard for McLeod.  Though McLeod applied some pressure, Monks’ advantage was too large.  In the end Monks won 158–92.

Play in this event will continue in two weeks.  On November 4, Tuross sides will be playing in the District Parliamentary Shield in Moruya.


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