Wonder Woman in town

WONDER WOMEN: Area 61 Coach Amanda Noble and Ninja-in-training Emma Teede.
WONDER WOMEN: Area 61 Coach Amanda Noble and Ninja-in-training Emma Teede.

Ninja Warrior hopeful Emma Teede was spotted training in Batemans Bay on Friday, October 27.

The wonder woman from Queensland was visiting, but didn’t let a change in routine disrupt her commitment to moving regularly.

It’s part of her life philosophy. “I call them EMS survival tips,” she said.

“People know straight away which one is out of balance in their life, and 90 per cent of the time it fixes any issues. E is for eating right, M is for moving the right amount, and S is for sleeping and other down time.”

A friend suggested that Emma’s love of obstacles would make her a perfect fit for Ninja Warrior, so Emma put an application in – and she’s been training ever since.

“I looked at what it was and went to local gyms to do different training for specific tasks,” she said.

“Ninja Warrior is the pinnacle of all movement – you’ve got gymnastics, parkour, martial arts, rock climbing. You have to train everything, find out what your weakness is, and have fun. It’s been an absolute blast.”

Emma said one of the big differences between training for Ninja Warrior and competing in other sports is the degree of individuality.

“In other sports, you’re just another athlete out there in shorts and a top, but because it’s for TV, they want to know who you are,” she said.

“You want to connect with people and inspire them to get off the couch – I put an application in as WonderWoman, because I’ve got a farming background and can use a lassoo.”

Emma emphasised the importance of simplicity in diet and training.

“Everyone has a different diet, but we all eat well and drink a lot of water,” she said.

“Steak and three veg, like what Mum and Dad used to cook, is the ideal. You know a muffin isn’t as good as an apple, it’s not rocket science.

“The other mistake people make is to eat too much fruit and veg and not enough fats, which are crucial for gut health. Health is a combination of exercise, nutrient density and stress.”


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