Wallaga Lake erosion and lake levels being monitored

Residents have expressed concern about the Wallaga Lake causeway being eroded by high water with washaways encroaching closer and closer to the tarred surface.

Bega Valley Shire Council continues to monitor the water level in Wallaga Lake and reports of erosion on the roadway leading to the lake bridge.

The trigger point to open the lake was when water reached 1.25m as measured Regatta Point.

The council’s coastal management officer, Kyran Crane said water levels had actually dropped somewhat in recent days with the level on Wednesday, November 1 being 0.989.

Lake levels had risen about 10cm above that after the recent rainfall on and around October 26, but the level had dropped back down due to evaporation.

“Hopefully we get a good drop of 50mm in the next few weeks because that is what it’s going to take for us to open the lake again,” Mr Crane said.

In the meantime, the council’s road crew was monitoring the causeway washways and had placed cones to demark the worst spots, being caused by high water levels and wind chop from westerlies blowing across the lake. 

Repairs on the roadway would take place once the lake opened and levels had fallen back to normal.

An earlier report looked at Wallaga Lake levels following reports of very high water has revealed the lake is indeed lapping at bridges and covering at least one boat ramp.

Mr Crane said it was important to reach the trigger point, because only then would the lake open with sufficient flow to scour open the channel and keep the lake open for longer. Under natural circumstances, the lake could have reached as high as 2.5 or 3 metres at Regatta Point before opening.

Any attempts to open the lake prior to the trigger point being reached might fail or only open the lake for a short period, he said. 


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