Narooma News letters to the editor - November 8, 2017

INJURED SNAKE: An injured diamond python was rescued at Mystery Bay back in October 2016. Photo Rosy Williams
INJURED SNAKE: An injured diamond python was rescued at Mystery Bay back in October 2016. Photo Rosy Williams

Beware snakes

The usual yearly warning: snakes are now around and your dog and cat will be curious and may get bitten.

 The signs of snake bite can be varied, depending on the dose: dogs can show symptoms one-to-six hours and cats anything up to 15 hours after being bitten. They may show some or all of the following signs: 

  1. Sudden weakness followed by collapse.
  2. Shaking or twitching of the muscles.
  3. Vomiting.
  4. Dilated pupils not responsive to light.
  5. Blood in the urine.
  6. Depression, quiet, unresponsive.
  7. Disorientation.
  8. Difficulty in breathing.
  9. In the later stages paralysis may occur.

Dogs can often collapse and then appear to recover, but, the venom is still circulating through their systems.

If you suspect your pet may have been bitten they need urgent veterinary assistance.   

We are embarking on another kitten season. 

If you have been thinking of getting a cat, let us know and we can take your name and contact you when a suitable kitten arrives. 

Alternatively, consider giving a home to an adult cat? 

Phone our Liaiason Officer on 0410 016 612 for more details.

The Animal Welfare League promotes responsible pet ownership. 

All animals available for adoption have been vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed and de-sexed., 

Clare Hooper

Eurobodalla AWL

Park Watch on NPWS

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service staff are in restructure meltdown due to executive and ministerial incompetence.

A new group known as Park Watch, comprised of concerned, former National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) officers, scientists, botanists, researchers and former high-ranking government officials, has received information from serving NPWS officers of a pending mass “no-confidence” vote in the NPWS executive due to incompetence, the direct appointing of favourites, loss of positions for those who speak-out and lack of consultation.

Under the Berejiklian Government, 10 years of relentless NPWS ‘decimation-by-restructure’ has caused high rates of employee stress (and) reached a point where sources within the NPWS are concerned that some staff may be at serious risk of harm.

I have recently seen a letter of desperation, written by a staff member to an NPWS executive director, which paints a disturbing picture of what is happening to staff in this once world-renowned organisation.

It clearly demonstrates the anger and sheer desperation of the remaining staff.

Other sources from within the NPWS have also mentioned a groundswell of staff who want to send a formal no-confidence message to the government.

Based on the numerous pleas for help from NPWS staff and information they have provided to Park Watch, it is obvious the  Berejiklian Coalition Government is hell-bent on dismantling the NPWS by setting it up to fail completely, well before the 2019 March election. The NPWS failure as a conservation land management agency then allows an approach to essentially open the State’s protected areas to destructive logging operations.

Ross McKinney

Park Watch

ReVive Art Prize back

We have an incredible exhibition in store for you, so head over the mechanics institute on November 9 at 6pm for the opening and announcement of the winner. 

The artworks have been made from materials reclaimed from the waste stream and there really is no end to the creative ingenuity of our talented local artists.

Indira Charmichael

Eurobodalla Shire Council


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