Jacqui Lambie has resigned from the Australian Senate

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie will resign from the Australian Senate after confirming she holds dual citizenship. 

Confirmation on her British citizenship came through early on Tuesday morning.

Senator Lambie took to the Tasmanian airwaves to tell her constituents about the decision.

The independent senator was emotional as she spoke with Tasmania Talks’ Brian Carlton.

“They deserve to know before anyone else does,” she said

The independent senator will resign from the Australian Senate at the start of the day’s sitting.

She ruled out personally contesting the Tasmanian state election.

Senator Lambie said everything was “back on the game board”, and she vowed to watch the situation of Braddon MHR Justine Keay.  

“I’ll have a good look if Justine Keay goes down,” she said.

 “It might be an option if she goes down to have a run in Braddon.”