Anthology of short stories for Narooma author Paul England

NEW BOOK: Narooma author Paul England with his new book "The Punishment - Anthology of Short Stories".
NEW BOOK: Narooma author Paul England with his new book "The Punishment - Anthology of Short Stories".

Narooma author Paul England has published another book, this time an anthology of short stories called “The Punishment”.

The 86-year-old author hopes he has one more book in him and that’s his childhood, early life story that he has just about completed and needs to finish off and publish.

“It’s my childhood life story from my earliest memory at age four to the age of 17 when I joined the Navy,” he said.

The retired electronics engineer was born in England, leaving home and school at age 14 to start an apprenticeship before joining the Royal Navy at age 17.

He has lived in Australia since 1974 coming out to promote one of the earliest computers before retiring to Narooma in 1986.

His latest book is a collection of 17 short stories he has written over the last 15 years and the title refers to the first short story called “The Punishment” about a boy who turns a punishment to his advantage.

This story was actually published in a popular Australian women’s magazine in the early 2000s and so has been read by many before.

“The stories are all kinds from romance to an esoteric story about a woman who invites to her home a rather suave gentleman who turns out to be something rather frightening,” he said.

The book is available to loan from the Narooma and Moruya libraries, but he lamented how there were no more book shops left in the area and even the newsagencies were on the decline.

“It’s very sad there are no more book shops around anymore,” he said.

His other books include “Tunguska”, a novel about a massive and yet mysterious explosion in Siberia that turns into a rollicking and intricate tale about the alien personalities that become stranded on our planet.

Paul England has also published Voyage of a Lifetime, which documents one family’s sea voyage from England to Australia, as well as a number of children’s books, known as the The Knights of Bonalla series.

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