Steven Fesus was in court for sentence hearing on Friday

When Steve Frank Fesus married his teenage bride in March 1997, the security guard told her father "don't worry, I will look after her".

But five months later he murdered the 18-year-old at their Shellharbour home on the NSW south coast, before burying her body in a shallow grave at Seven Mile Beach, near Gerroa.

In one of six emotional victim impact statements read out at the killer's sentence hearing on Friday, Roland Smith recalled his son-in-law's reassuring words when he married Jodie.

"She is dead at his hands," he said in the NSW Supreme Court. "The anger he has caused in myself should not be felt."

At his third trial in October, the now 47-year-old was found guilty of murdering his wife in August 1997, six weeks before her body was found in a partially uncovered grave.

Despite the suspicions of Jodie's family, Fesus was not charged until July, 2013.

The jury at his first trial was unable to reach a verdict and the second was aborted over a health issue.

Tracey Smith told the sentence hearing that while she wanted to remember the good times with her sister "all I can see is him choking her out, putting her in the family car and burying her like a discarded rag".

She was so angry that those thoughts had been forced on her instead of the good memories about Jodie, who is "missed and mourned by so many".

Ms Smith said Fesus lied to the police and accused "so many others of his violent act on Jodie".

"To know he was having affairs prior to, immediately after and prior to her body being found just goes to show Jodie's life meant nothing to him."

Her stepfather Greg Kotvojs said the family was relieved when Jodie met Fesus as he seemed "someone who cared and loved her, someone who was prepared to be there for her".

"In 1998 I was charged briefly with the murder of Jodie," he said.

This had been "beyond humiliation and the idea that this is even a consideration is appalling" and would follow him for life.

In submitting that a heavy sentence was warranted for general deterrence, prosecutor Greg Smith SC said Fesus killed his wife in her own home - " an extreme example of domestic violence".

"He overpowered her using his much greater strength and experience gained in overpowering troublesome club patrons."

He had no remorse and had tried to cast suspicion on Jodie's father, stepfather and his brother.

Defence barrister Keith Chapple SC said Fesus had a life-threatening medical condition and was due to undergo more tests.

Justice Peter Johnson said he expected to sentence Fesus on February 23.

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