Forestry Corporation to harvest timber in Corunna State Forest

Forestry Corporation of NSW is undertaking planning for a timber harvesting operation in Compartment 3058 of Corunna State Forest.

The logging operation in the State Forest compartment between Narooma and Tilba is due to commence mid-year.

Neighbours however are concerned about loss of habitat and impact on wildlife such as koalas and bandicoots.

They are planning a forest walk in the compartment this Saturday.

A Forestry Corporation spokesperson said the total size of this compartment was approximately 184 hectares and the proposed harvest area is approximately 130 hectares. 

“Forestry Corporation operates in accordance with NSW’s strict native forest regulations and spends many months planning operations,” the spokesperson said.

“The operation is a single tree selection meaning that within this 130 hectares, only certain trees will be harvested and a large portion of the harvest area will be set aside for conservation.”

John Ramsay lives on Brushgrove Lane adjacent to the compartment and has concerns about the impact of the logging operation.

He said the Forestry Corporation in its letters to neighbours acknowledged the possible presence of koalas in the compartment.

“Already we have ascertained that the southern brown bandicoot, a recognised endangered species, has its habitat in the State Forest as well as lyrebirds, echidnas and a plethora of bird, animal and insect life,” Mr Ramsay wrote in a flyer he is disseminating around the district.

“The terrain is steep with a gully that is adorned with huge spotted gums, fern and palms.

“We are inviting interested people to join us on a walk in the forest on Saturday, March 3, so people can see for themselves that beauty and the wildlife that will be lost if the logging operation is approved.”

The meeting place for the walk is Brushgrove Lane, Corunna under the power lines at 3pm. Bring hiking gear and the duration will be one hour. 

According to the Forestry Corporation, Corunna State Forest is a re-growth forest and the area was cleared as farmland in the late 1800’s and allowed to regenerate back to forest in 1917.

“Timber harvesting in this compartment has occurred a number of times in the 1970s, 80s and 90s,” the spokesperson said.

“Following this harvest operation, the harvested areas of forest will again regenerate and through sustainable management, will provide timber again for future generations.”

Neighbours, occupational permit holders, marine parks, council and bus companies have been notified of Forestry Corporation’s plans regarding this harvesting operation.

Planning staff are happy to discuss the plans with any interested members of the community.

“As well as inviting stakeholders to comment on proposed harvesting operations, Forestry Corporation publishes a schedule of upcoming harvest operations on its website for the benefit of the public,” the spokesperson said.

Forestry Corporation also publishes detailed harvest plans online.

These plans include maps and site-specific information and instruction on issues such as safety, silviculture, forest management zoning, flora, fauna and fish protection, cultural heritage protection, soil and water protection, road and crossing works, burning prescriptions and monitoring and recording activities.


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