It took 55 years, but was worth the wait

Evergreen golfer Allen Delamont has fulfilled a golfer’s dream.

Allen has hit a hole in one. His moment came at the par three, first hole at Gibraltar Golf Club, on April 7. A life member at the Gibraltar Club, Allen rarely misses a Saturday competition with his regular 7.30am group.  

The first hole can be tricky with a dam in front of the tee and another water hazard to the left of the green. On this occasion though, Allen made good contact with the ball and sent it off in the right direction.

Allen and his playing partners watched as the ball ran across the green, but with a little mist about, they weren’t sure where exactly it had pulled up. An examination of the hole quickly revealed Allen’s ball, with his trademark spotted markings, sitting in there.

News of Allen’s achievement was well received by his fellow golfers, who were genuinely pleased for him. The accolades and pats on the back were freely flowing. Allen said “after 55 years of golfing this is one hole that I will not forget.”

The one on the scorecard, also helped his total score gain him third place in the monthly medal.

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